Written by Trvlr

4 Feb 2018

A couple of months before getting married my fiancé and I went out to the clubs. When we started dating she was a virgin. I took take of that and we had great sex. Before we got engaged we would explore different fantasies. Please keep in mind I was her first and only. We were very passionate and she was into trying new things. Some of our fantasies would be that she would expose herself to a stranger. Like wearing a shirt skirt without panties or a loose shirt without a bar. These scenarios would make her incredibly wet. So on this night she wore a skirt and I suggested, begged, that she would wear a skirt without any panties. She said that she would think about it. Well we got ready and she look stunning. A black dress with a v neck and about half way down the thigh. I had no idea if there was anything underneath. We get a table at the first club and order drinks. She drinks the first drink quickly. She seems distracted or flustered and I can't figure out why. Conversation isn't going smoothly. About half way thru our second drink I notice a guy sitting a few tables over staring at us. I'm proud of how good my girl looks and think nothing of it. At one point I look down at her legs and I'm surprised by what I think that I saw. When glanced down her legs moved quickly. When I looked up the guy looked away and she was staring at him. I wondered for a few minutes then I whispered in her ear, "Are you wearing panties?" She glanced down and slowly shook her head. I was rapidly getting aroused. I then asked "What are you doing?" She look ed right into my eyes and said "Working on fulfilling our fantasy" At that point I was rock hard. I asked "Has anyone seen anything?" She Responds I think he did a little" I then gave her a big kiss moved my hand down to her knee and gently touched her and she slowly opened her legs. It was passionate. She then said she was nervous and excited to tell me and wanted to try on her own. Over the next hour she flashed several guys and got a few drinks brought to the table. Our date started off with great excitement, then it got better.