Written by Steve Van Packer

4 Apr 2004

I was fairly bored with my sex life; it wasn't that I didn't still love my wife, just that we had reached a stage where we had just about said everything there was to be said to each other. Sex involved a quick roll over on a Sunday morning (usually in the 'Missionary' position) then we got on with the mundane everyday things that most middle-aged married couples do.

I tried to get her interested in things like mild bondage, role play, outdoor sex etc, but each time I mentioned it, she would shy away saying it was 'mucky'. So one night while messing around on the computer, I found a Swingers site and as I trawled through the ads, I found myself getting aroused and imagining what it would be like to get involved in a 3-some with a couple.

I came up with a ridiculous nickname for using online, took some body shots of myself naked and posted an ad on the site. Imagine my surprise and delight when after only a few days, I got an answer from a couple my own age who lived only 20 miles away. They said they were 'first-timers' and would like to meet for a drink to see if we were compatible and if so, we would arrange a time and place for a sexy fun session.

My hands were trembling as I typed a reply and I gave them my moble phone number and asked them to call me during working hours so I could talk freely. A couple of days later, my phone rang and a guys voice told me his name was Billy and he was the guy I'd contacted. I went out into the car park to take his call and we spoke for almost half an hour. He seemed to be a decent kind of fella and we arranged to meet for a drink in a quiet hotel lounge the following Saturday.

I described myself and told him what I would be wearing and as I sat in the lounge on the night, my guts churning with nerves and my hands sweating, a couple entered and walked over to the bar. They ordered a drink and turned to casually study the small group of patrons until they made eye contact with me and came over.

I smiled and rose to my feet as we introduced ourselves and we sat down to chat. It was all a bit hesitant and nervy at first, but as the evening wore on we found we got on quite well and were soon laughing and joking like old mates.

Billy was around 45, tall and slim, with cropped greying hair and a ruddy complexion from working outdoors. His wife, Wendy, was at least ten years younger and was around five feet seven, with long dark hair and she was quite busty. At closing time, as I returned from a trip to the loo, Billy said they had decided to go for it and asked when I was next free. My heart was racing, but I covered my excitement well enough to tell him I would be free as soon as they could make it. Billy gave me his number and asked me to ring him Monday morning when he would tell me where and when we would meet and we said our good-byes and left.

I was a wreck with suppressed anticipation all that week-end until I could phone him at the given time. Billy said we would meet at their house the coming Friday at about eight for a few drinks and to watch a video of 3-some action to get us in the mood. I'm buggered if I know how I got through the week, but on the night, I made my excuses and drove to their place, following the directions he had given me.

When I arrived, billy answered the door wearing a white towelling robe and he led me through to the lounge where Wendy sat (wearing a matching robe) drinking a glass of wine. Billy motioned for me to sit next to Wendy as he poured me a drink and then sat opposite us in an armchair. Wendy sat with her legs tucked under herself and I glimpsed a fair length of thigh each time she moved. Her robe also revealed her deep cleavage and as I sneaked glances at her, I began to feel pretty horny.

Billy picked up the remote and after dimming the lights, he switched on the TV and stared the video. We watched the film, giggling like schoolkids and laughing at the smutty comments we made, but under the light-hearted facade, the sexual tensions were mounting between us. Billy asked his wife to move closer to me so we could start getting to know each other 'properly' and as Wendy slid along the couch towards me, her robe opened a bit wider and I got my first glimpse of her wonderful tits.

As she leaned against me, I placed my arm around her shoulder and she snuggled down with her head on my shoulder. I glanced over at Billy and saw he was stroking his groin slowly as he split his attention between the screen and the couch. Wendy suddenly took hold of my hand and moved it from her shoulder, inside her robe and held it over her breast. As I fondled her tit, massaging her nipple erect, she tilted her head up to me and our lips closed in a tentative kiss.

I was wearing jogging bottoms and no underwear, so my aroused penis was clearly seen by her as she slipped her hand over the top of my bulging crotch. Billy had fully opened his robe and was wanking slowly as he watched us, then he whispered huskily for Wendy to 'touch' me.

She smiled and kissed me again as she eased her hand down the waistband of my joggers and closed it around my throbbing hard cock. As we kissed more passionately now, I raised my hips and with my free hand I slipped my bottoms down past my knees. Wendy was breathing heavily as she lifted my tee shirt and kissed my neck, then moved her head down my hairy chest, kissing my nipples and belly before turning her head and closing her mouth over the head of my erection.

It was like an electric shock and I gasped as she began to suck my cock, watched by an excited Billy who moaned as he wanked harder at the sight. I kicked off my trainers and used my feet to shuck off my joggers, then with Wendy's mouth still clamped around my dick, I stripped off my tee shirt to sit back naked as she worked on me.

Billy panted to me to use my tongue on her, so I gently eased her off my cock and opened her robe fully. Wendy peeled the garment off and dropped it to the floor, then as I positioned her with her legs wide apart, I got to my knees between her parted thighs and began to kiss her lower belly, working my way down until I could run my tongue through her wiry tuft of pubic hair.

She put her head back and sighed as my tongue flicked over her clitoris and her hands came down to cup the back of my head as she pulled me into her wet love hole. She gasped that she was ready and almost begged me to fuck her, so I kissed my way up her body until our lips met again in a passion fuelled kiss. My throbbing hard cock was aligned with her wet pussy and as I began to push gently, she raised her knees on either side of my body, crying out softly as the head of my cock popped inside her.

She moaned as I eased my erection fully inside her and began to shag her in long, slow strokes; drawing my cock almost out of her warm pussy before sliding it back inside her. I loved the way her massive tits jiggled each time I thrust my hard cock inside her and son I was pumping away as she writhed beneath my sweat-soaked body.

Billy got up and shrugged off his robe as he padded his way over to join us and he knelt on the couch beside his panting wife. Wendy grasped her husbands hard cock and closed her mouth over it as he encouraged me to fuck her harder. I held her thighs wide as I pounded my cock into her pussy, my balls slapping wetly against her ass cheeks and she took Billy's cock deep throat.

After a few minutes in this position, he gasped that he wanted to watch me fuck her between the tits, so I withdrew my twitching cock and as Billy got off the couch, I knelt astride her body and she held her large breasts together as I began to thrust my hard, wet cock between them.

Billy knelt down between his wife's legs and she whimpered slightly as he entered his throbbing member inside her hot, wet cunt. Wendy's head rolled from side to side as she panted her pleasure, swearing softly as she took us on. We changed around again as her legs became tired and as Billy now sprawled back on the sofa, Wendy knelt between his legs and clasped his hard penis, sucking it greedily as I got down to kneel behind her.

She moaned as my cock entered her and I fucked her slowly as she worked on her husband. I held my cock fully inside her and rotated my hips, allowing my glans to explore every part of her love tunnel and this action stimulated her to the extent of bringing on her orgasm. She trembled and gasped as she sucked on Billy's cock until she suddenly let out a soft cry and I felt her whole body shake as she came. Wendy continued to suck hard on Billy's dick and within seconds of her cumming, he threw his head back and gave a gasp as his cum shot into her mouth.

Sweat ran freely down my back as I fucked her pussy faster until I could feel my own climax approaching. I shuddered and held my throbbing hard penis fully inside her as spurt after spurt of my cum jetted into her hot, wet vagina and when the last drop had flowed from me, I slumped panting over her back, gasping for breath.

I sat back on the floor as Wendy flopped down beside me with a wide grin on her face. She panted that she had 'needed that' and Billy too remarked that he had really enjoyed it. I asked with a grin, if he meant that the night was over and he smiled back as he replied, "Not bloody likely.....Fancy another glass of wine?"