Written by bob_e

15 Jul 2006

I went over to the toilets on the caravan site for a bit of cottaging. It was a lovely summers evening about 20 years ago when I was about 22 years old. I was dressed in a t-shirt, shorts and deck shoes, with some black silky panties underneath and some black hold-up stockings in my pocket.

It was quiet in there as I went into one of the middle cubicles and locked the door behind me. I sliped off my shoes and shorts, pulled my stockings on and sat down to wait whilst slowing wanking my cock.

While I waited for someone to come along I read the stories on the walls and the door which came all the way to the floor, the reason I liked going there, no one could peek underneath. I would have died if I could not have some control.

After a few minutes someone came in and I heard them walk down the row and go into the cubicle next to mine. I put my eye to the tiny peephole and waited to see what would happen. As always my heart gave a little jump when someone else's eye appeared on the otherside of the hole, after a second it was gone and into view came the sight of him wanking his cock. After a minute or two of this he put his eye back to the hole and I gave him a look of me wanking myself off for him.

I sat back down to have another look but instead I heard him open his door, walk a couple of steps and there was a shadow on the floor beneath my door. I carefully opened it to let him in, mindful that I was wearing panties and stockings. As he came through, I started to shut it when he stopped me and held it open for his mate who was with him. Well that was a turn up for the book, but I wasn't going to complain.

They both removed their t-shirts and shorts revealing lovely big, thick cocks before removing my t-shirt and tossing it onto our pile of clothes in the corner. Next I was being caressed all over as they played with my cock, nipples and bum, they were also taking it in turns to nibble at my neck. Meanwhile I had two heavy cocks, one in each hand, slowly pulling on them as they got bigger and harder.

After a little bit of this foreplay, they stood one in front of me and the other behind. The one in front got down on his knees licking me all the way down and slowly pulled down my black silky panties, all the time sucking my cock. His friend meanwhile kept playing with my nipples and stuck his cock in the crease of my arse. After my panties were removed he removed my stockings also and passed my undies to his friend who was doing an excellent job on my body.

I was gently pushed and pulled down to my knees where I could also start sucking cock and in a whispered tone told to get it really wet. After five minutes of sucking, his cock was dripping with my saliva, I was then pulled to my feet where I had my panties pushed into my mouth and held in place with one of my stockings, before having my hands tied in front of me with the other.

They spread my legs and I felt a cock slowly easing into my bum, god even with all that saliva on it, and me relaxed from that foreplay it still hurt as it inched it's way past my puckered ring. When he was all the way in he stopped so I could relax and get used to it before he started to pump my arse. With that his mate knelt in front of me and sucked my cock whilst they both played with my nipples again.

I was having my cock, arse and nipples stimulated again, and added to this the bloke fucking me started nibbling my neck and ears before pulling the stocking and panties from my mouth and, turning my face towards him, stuck his tongue down my throat.

The guy in front of me stopped sucking my cock and stood up, I was then gently bent forward where I could take his cock in my mouth and repay him with a blow job for the excellent one he performed on me. It was proving awkward with my hands still tied so they removed the last stocking and I was able to hold on whilst being fucked and blowing the man in front. I just love sucking cock.

The guy behind said he was cum, he pulled his cock out and I took it in my mouth where he shot a load of cum that I almost couldn't swallow. The other guy said he was cumming also and I only just managed to get his cock into my mouth before he started shooting which resulted in some cum dribbling out of my mouth, it didn't go to waste, I was pulled to my feet and received a wet sloppy kiss as he tried to get all the cum I hadn't swallowed.

It was my turn then, I had one sucking my cock and the other licking and fingering my arse. Just before I came They started playing with my nipples again which made me shoot so hard I thought I would take the back of the guy's head off. That was a most satisfying and erotic cum. I've wanked off in my undies to that for years as well as thinking about it when having lousy sex.

I met them the following night and stayed at their caravan, but that's another story.