Written by Puppy

11 May 2004

My lady friend would like to remain un-named.

A friend introduced me to swinging heaven, she said its great to meet people and read all there horny stories. So i thought i would have a look and see for myself.

I posted an ad and i got a few reply's but nothing that really interested me.

Me being an blonde BBW 18 year old with 44DD breasts, i didnt think i would find anyone that i felt would like me and me like them.

One day i spotted an advert, and i thought she seems nice why not. So i emailed her and asked if she wanted to swap pictures, so she added me onto her chat list and we began talking and we swaped photos. She had lovely long hair and she had a 38D breasts and was a BBW. We got on really well, i really liked her.

So after long dayts of talking, texting and calling we decided to meet up.

So i got on the train and all the way there i was feeling sick as i had always had fantasy's about being with a woman but never actually had the guts to do it. Well my time had come.

I met her at the train station and we walked in silence to her car, we got in the car and she made small conversation i.e. how was your journey, what time are you going back etc.

Soon enough we pulled up at her house and we got out of the car and went in. I sat in the living room whilst she made us a drink. I was feeling very nervous at this point and i didnt think i could go through with it. Then she walked in the room and she had a see through blouse on and i could see her lovely breasts peeping out of the top of her bra.

We drank our drinks and chatted and she then suggested us go upstiars so i egarly followed.

We got upstairs to her bedroom where we immediatly began to undress, i took off my tight blue jeans and then unzipped my blue top which showed my breasts to her as all i had on underneath my jacket was a was a half cup bra . I stood there in my red bra and red thong and watched her get undressed, i then slipped off my thong and unclipped my bra. We then both got on the bed.

We first began to kiss each other and then explore each others bodies with our hands. As i was feeling and kneeding her breasts i could feel her nipples harden. She then told me to lay back and she spread my legs. She began to lick and suck my already wet pussy, she did it gentley. She then slipped her finger in my wet hole and began to finger me.

After a few minutes of licking and sucking my clit and pussy she stopped and looked up at me.

I said my turn and she then lay down and i got down between her legs. I licked all of her pussy until it was wet, i then slipped a finger into it. it was warm and smelled so sweet. I then licked at her click as i was fingering her. I licked and sucked at her clit and pussy for 25 minutes or more until she screamed and came.

Her pussy was dripping so i licked up all her juices, they tasted so good. I always thought they would taste horrible, but it was so sweet.

She then got out her dildo and told me to get on all fours, she then put this 9" dildo into my wet pussy and fucked me deep and hard with it.

I came 3 times and she came another 4 times when i used it on her.

When we had finished we got dressed and kissed, she then drove me back to the station where we kissed somemore.

All the way back on the train i kept on smelling my fingers and smiling to myself.

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