Written by Andy

21 Nov 2003

My first bi experiance happened to me yesterday. My wife had gone to work leaving me to finish decorating the bathroom. I was in a kinky mood so i put on some of her panties, stockings, suspender belt and bra, then my overralls.

I was busy painting, when there was a knock on the door. I went down and it was my new bathroom suite arrived early. There were two men, one about 35 and the other must of been about 18, and both were good looking. I helped them to bring the stuff in which is when things changed. As i was helping to move the bath upstairs, my overalls caught on something and pulled it open down to my waist revealing my bra. The older chap, Simon, looked at me then winked. I blushed, but i could feel my cock twitching and begin to grow. We put the bath down, but before i could do anything, he moved towards me and asked what else had i got on. I was getting so turned on by now, i'd gone past caring so i said why dont you have a look. With that he ripped my overalls down leaving me standing there in my wifes undies sporting a massive hard on. He called down to his mate, John, who came up and saw us standing there. They decided between themselves that i needed punishing so they stripped off and made there move on me. There hands were all over me as well as licking and kissing my body. I reaced out and touched there cocks for the first time. They were massive. I was forced down on to the floor where they started to suck my cock and balls. John bought his cock upto my mouth and shoved it in for me to suck. I sucked on it for all i was worth, while my cock was being sucked. It did not take long for me to cum, and soon after i got a mouthfull of hot spunk. They then swapped round and i sucked on Simons cock. He soon shot gallons of spunk down my throat. When we sucked each other off, they flipped me over and took it in turns to fuck my tight virgin arse-that felt great, especially when they filled me with spunk again. After an hour or so of hard bi sex, they had to go and make another delivery, but they have promised to call in again when there next in the area. I can't wait.