Written by Benz

22 May 2005

It was actually a short time after I had set up my computer and got onto the internet to discover the worlds most vast porn collection... undoubtedly everyone here knows how convenient it can be...Anyway I had started to be more curious about guys and enjoyed watching them cum and even enjoyed wanking to it.. I then came across this site... not literally!! lol.. Anyway I enjoyed the site and got into the stories and the forums quite engrossed really and then plucked up the courage to reply to a couple of the ads... nothing was really successful however did have a few cam to cam wanks etc.. Eventually my eagerness to try more got the better of me and I posted my own ads one for a couple and one for a bi-guy..

Anyway to cut a long story short.. I met up with this guy, mid 40s, who had had some previous experience and when I got back to my place he was patient to give me the chance to kinda gain my footing.. I was exceedingly nervous and well after a beer we ventured upto my bedroom...as we undressed I couldn't help but notice my cock was quite a bit bigger than his,, not that I cared,, and arousal was coursing through my body as we lay down next to one another wanking our own cocks to hardness... then we swapped and I took his cock in my hands and he mine.. this was really quite a turn on and inside I felt myself exploding with excitement as he slid down my body and engulfed my cock in his mouth... he sucked for ever and I just couldn't reach that point of no return so in the end he gave up and we continued to wank and then I returned the favour, going down on him,, taking his cock into my mouth I was surprised by the sensation.... I don't know what I was expecting but the warmth of it was unusual,, not so much the taste...I licked,sucked and wanked him, caressing his balls as I did feeling him buck into my face as he neared hhis climax..that was when I tasted his pre-cum and I stopped sucking his cock at that point as I wanted to see him cum... I was knelt between his raised knees,, as I wanked on his cock, I pushed the head of mine towards him to try and touch cock to cock to coat mine with his cum however it was too late and I felt him bucking as orgasm rocked through him, sending spurt after spurt up his belly and coating my fingers...

Then, all too suddenly he was dressing and thanking me for the fun apologising that he had not returned the favour.. We agreed that we would again meet up however I lost his email and we just never got around to it again however I have had some fun since!!