21 Jan 2019

I am 40 and Helen is 38, 12 years together and we have talked in bed about her fucking another guy which really turned both of us on. Anyway we booked a weekend away in Blackpool and decided that this would be it. We planned to go out but split up and she goes in a bar like she is on her own and i am in the distance watching.

She goes in the bar and 5 mins later i arrive i spot her and keep my distance. After about 15 mins she is speaking to some guy at the bar he looked in his late 20's and quite ripped and good looking. I hung about and watched her get more relaxed and after an hour or so they left with me not far behind. I seen them go down an entry so left it a few mins and walked down like i was drunk and having a piss. I could see them kissing with hands down each others pants. I done my zip up and made my way back to the hotel.

As i got in the room i got a text of Helen 5 mins xxx i quickly set up my phone on record and hid in the wardrobe this was all in the plan on both our sides. She entered the room and seen her look straight at me knowing i was there she dropped to her knees and undid his belt and pulled out a thick semi erect cock which was about 10 inches and put it straight in her mouth. She was moaning as she was sucking. He undone her top and took her bra off and her nipples were so hard i knew she was exited and wanted this cock in her.

He lay her down in the bed and buried his head in her by now wet pussy licking her for a few mins i heard her say put it in me. He wasted no time and the moan she gave once he had it all in i nearly came myself. As he was fucking her i knew she was squirting as the moan was muffled with that wet pussy noise as he was going in and out of her. He put her on all 4's and proceeded to fuck her like the slut she was tonight. After a couple of mins he let out a moan which lasted 10 to 15 secs with my wife letting out a big moan i knew he had emptied his full load inside my slut of a wife. They lay back for a min and i was thinking i need you to go mate my wife made an excuse and he left. She opened the wardrobe door with a towel round her and said get on the bed, as i lay down she sat facing me with her pussy in my face dripping out was buckets of cum which had been shot up her mins before.

She then went down on me and deepthroated my cock until i exploded at the back of her mouth. She swallowed the lot. It is an expierience we will never forget and we hope to do it again soon. We have watched the recording a few times now and we always have great sex while watching. I never tbought i would enjoy it but can honestly say it was amazing.