Written by Lorna H.

4 Oct 2005

I had gone out for a nights' clubbing with a couple of my girlfriends and, as usual, we had got ourselves dates for the evening. At the end of the night, Linda decided to go back to her boyfriend's flat for a shag, so I decided to bring Kate and our two boys, Ryan and Peter, back to my house, as my husband had gone away for a fishing weekend.

I sat in the front with Ryan and, as he drove to my house, I unzipped his jeans and wanked his cock, gently. As I looked in the rear view mirror I could see that Kate and Peter were getting pretty hot, in the back seat and then her head dissappeared from view. It was obvious that she was giving him a blow job.

We arrived at my house and Kate finished giving Peter his blow job and then got out of the car. She spat out his cum and said that her husband was expecting her home soon, before walking off in the direction of her house.

I brought Ryan and Peter inside and we sat in the lounge. I started playing around with Ryan's cock and I soon had a very nice 8 incher between my lips. Ryan helped me off with mt skirt and blouse while Peter sat watching us from across the room.

Ryan stripped and sat on the sofa and I sat, facing him and guided his cock inside my pussy. When I glanced round at Peter, he had taken out his cock and was wanking it back to hardness. As I rode on Ryan's cock, a dirty thought came into my head. I wet my finger and pushed it into my ass and said to Peter, "Theres a spare hole here".

Peter got up, stripped and stood behind me. I raised myself up and Peter started to push his cock into my ass hole. It hurt like hell at first, but when he had got the head inside me, it slid inside quite easily. I had never had two cocks in me before and I was enjoying it, but all good things come to an end and Ryan shot his cum, deep inside my pussy.

This left me free to concentrate on Peter, so I got off Ryan's knee and knelt on the floor. Peter pushed his cock up my ass again and I felt it go all the way in. I rode on it for ages, until Peter couldn't hold out any longer and I received the second load of cum inside me.

Peter withdrew and I lay on the floor, with cum running out of, both my cunt and my ass-hole. This had been the first time that I had tried A double penetration, but it wouldn't be my last.