Written by badbitch

12 Jan 2014

I'd been swinging for a few years and many people had said they'd like to take me dogging so finally i gave in and said i'd give it a go.... so we drove to a local dogging site, there were about 4 cars parked along the back of the carpark, a couple guys stood next to the cars chatting, we pulled up near them and the guy i came with got out the car and instantly pulled me round to the bonnet of the car where he pushed me up against the cold metal, tugging my skirt up, running his hands up my stocking covered legs, to my thighs, instantly turning me on.

As we're leant against the bonnet kissing and groping, the guys from the cars are now crowded around us, i begin tugging at his trousers and unzip them, dropping to my knees to show the crowd my cock sucking skills.... slowly running my tongue up the length, around the head and back down again before sliding the length down my throat.....

By now some of the crowd are asking if anyone can join in, to which the guy i came with said anyone could, so before i knew it, hands were all over me, tugging at my already very low cut top, pulling my skirt up higher, sliding their fingers inside me making me even wetter while i suck each cock one by one.

By now, more cars have arrived, and my friend grabs me by the hair, turns me around and bends me over the bonnet, ass in the air and they again all start probing with hands and fingers, before one slides his hard cock inside me and begins to thrust in and out..... he pulls out just in time to spray his hot cum over my arse and legs, and then they all follow suit and begin to fuck me while i start sucking some at the same time.

Before i know it, i've been fucked and played with by 11 guys, left covered in sticky cum...... and there began my love for dogging....... !