Written by H3rts

20 Jul 2005

hi, im a 19yr old from stevenage who loved my first gay experience...

I had been really wanting to try sucking a cock for aggges, but only really hd the urge to when i was horny,

so one night when i home alone i was in bed and felt really horny so come on here and posted an ad,

20 mins later and im walking to meet sum guy (its about 3am) and im so nervous but kept going because i really wanted to try it!

anyway we met and i didnt know what to say or what to do but luckily he dropped his jeans and boxers around his ankles and asked if i wanted to suck it for him,so i got on my knees a bit unsure what to do and put his cock in my mouth, it didnt feel or taste like i had expected but i really likeed it, i started to suck it up and down then play with the head in my mouth then deep throat, after doing that for a while he asked if i wanted it in the ass... so i quickly said yes! and took of my trousers and got on my hands and knees, he knelt down behind me and tried gettin his cock into my ass but it was too tight and he couldnt , i was wel disapointed but he grabbed my ass relly hard and started jerkin off. then he spred my cheeks apart and cum all over my hole which made me slight groan with excitement, then he got my to lick his cock again which tasted of a mixture of cum and ass but i enjoyed it! then he said thanks for that then got in his car and went and i walked home with his cum squelching in my ass! it made me so horny i went home and jerked off while rubbing his cum around in my ass!

since then i havent been with a guy but hoping to get my ass fucked asap!!

email me if you want to bemy next story ;) or just wana chat