Written by Rebecca

8 Dec 2004

Last night I had my first meeting with a guy who contacted me through Swinging Heaven. I’ll change his name to protect his identity; he’ll be called Tony. Tony had sent me a lovely message via my photo ad, and had included a nice face and body picture. He looked and sounded really nice, but when I met him he turned out to be even better than I imagined. We met up at the Halfway House Pub on the A127 in Essex at around 8.30pm.

I was wearing a black skirt that was just above the knee, and a black silk blouse, which was slightly see through so Tony could see my black lacy bra underneath, sheer stockings and high heels. Tony bought me a couple of drinks by the bar, and then we went and sat on a table out of the way. We chatted about anything, and everything for about half an hour, and then Tony leaned across the table and kissed me. This was the signal we both needed, before that, I think Tony and I had been a little nervous. He got out of his chair opposite me, and came and sat by my side. I looked up at him, and asked him to kiss me again. We kissed more passionately now, exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues, he placed a hand on my knee the gently stroked the inside of my thigh through my stockings. I moved my chair even closer to him so he could push his hand further up my leg. When he reached above my stocking tops, and touched my bare flesh I felt a warm glow run through my pussy, I knew I was getting wet, and just ached for Tony to take me to his car and make love to me.

I think Tony read my mind because he removed his hand from inside my skirt and asked me politely to finish my drink. I knocked my wine back in one gulp and held his hand as we left the pub and went to his car. He had parked it in the rear car park, a nice secluded spot away from any lights. He opened the back door and I hurriedly climbed in. Tony sat down next to me, and placed his hand back where it had been before, this time letting his fingers run along the outside of my panties. He could feel how wet I had become, and pulled my panties to one side, and slid one of his fingers inside my moist pussy. This was wonderful, all I could think of, was thank god for Swinging Heaven.

I then placed my hand on Tony’s groin, his big cock was hard and ready, I gently pulled his hand away from inside my skirt and began to remove his cock from his trousers. He had told me it was 8 inches long, what he modestly failed to mention was that it was very thick too. I lowered my head over his beautiful cock, and began to slide my tongue up and down the shaft; Tony stroked my neck, and let out little groans of pleasure. I love sucking big hard cocks, and hearing the guy loose all control. I had him full in my mouth now, fucking him with my lips. When I could taste a little pre cum, I lifted my head and kissed Tony, he was now desperate to shag me, and I was even more desperate to be shagged. I pulled my panties down, and Tony lifted my legs up, and positioned me with my head against the window and my bare bottom half way along the seat. Tony then placed the condom on his lovely cock, and lost no time in pushing it deep inside my aching fanny. He fucked me for over an hour, making me cum three times in great waves of ecstasy.

Tony you were a real darling, I would truly like to thank you for making my first experience with a guy I met through this great site, such a memorable, and thrilling experience. I’m now looking forward to the next guy on Friday night. My philosophy is keep em cumming.

I’ve told Tony (Not Real Name) that I have written about our great night together, and he is quite happy about it.

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