Written by Sue and John

18 Oct 2005

John has been suggesting that we have a three some ever since we married 3 years ago. Although the thought of another mans penis excited me - I never expected I would have the pleasure! After all we are a happily married suburban couple with 2.4 children and all the hassles that go with life and kids. Where would I get the time, what would the neighbours say if they found out, who would find me attractive anyway? No, I was 36 and a swinging virgin. John then discovered SH and we put an advert in seeking a guy or a couple. The response was overwhelming and we had over 70 replies from guys in the first day! Admittedly most of them could'nt read, write or spell and very few of them had the faintest idea of how to tease a woman but there were some!

Ryan seemed totally genuine, normal even, and he was so easy to chat to. He had a good job, was apperantly not bad looking, was very well stacked in the touser department and even thought I was a 'honey'! We exchanged emails for weeks and eventually we sent each other sexy pics and agreed that the 3 of us should meet in a discreet bar one friday night. That was just over a month ago now and I still get all hot and horny when I remember it..

I never believed for a minute that I would actually go through with it - the suspense and excitement was overwhelming me. When I saw him stroll to the bar, discreetly looking around with faint expectation, I knew it must be Ryan, we had chatted and flirted outragously on the chat line and even bared ourselves on camera, but I had never seen his face nor him mine. I could feel the wetness penetrating my slinky la senza knickers and I grabbed John's hand and told him we had better go as I could'nt go through with it. He told me to relax, take a gulp of my wine and give Ryan a chance - he said if after talking to him for 10 minutes it did'nt work out we could leave with no hard feelings.

I forced myself to relax and knew I had done everything to make myself feel sexy; new underwear, short but sexy black skirt, sexy shoes and a revealing top. I had my hair and nails done and I was as ready as I would ever be so I let John call Ryan to our table. He was clearly impressed when he saw me and slowly ran his eyes up and down my body - smiling sexily all the time. As I chatted with him I started touching his leg and slapping him playfully every few seconds - I felt like a schoolgirl again. When he ran his hand up my skirt as far as my wet knickers I felt as if I had been struck by lighting and knew that despite my inhibitions I was going to sleep with those 2 sexy men that night. I wanted to make sure that we all enjoyed it as I convinced myself that this would be the first and last time I let myself be persuaded to have sex with other guys.

We ended up in Ryan's room and I could'nt wait to grab his wonderful hard cock and put it in my mouth. It smelt, tasted and felt fantastic - and I was never as wet as I was then sucking Ryan's cock in a hotel room whilst John was pulling down my knickers and sliding his long hard tool inside me. I have often wondered what it would be like to get fucked by two men and all I can say is that it was worth the wait - the harder John fucked me the deeper I sucked Ryan until I could feel them both exploding inside me - Ryan filled my mouth with his hot tasty cum and John my pussy. I told them that I still needed to be satisfied and John said I should get on the bed and suck Ryan back into shape. As I sucked him Ryan began to stroke and kiss my pussy and boobs and was soon very hard again. He put me on my hands and knees and lifted my skirt before slowly penetrating my pussy with his massive cock. I was in swinging heaven! He fucked me from behind whilst I sucked John's cock and John licked me at the same time - it was the best sex I have ever had and I only wish I had tried it 3 years earlier as John had suggested. I felt no shame - only lust and lots of it.

They continued to fuck me every which way for the next few hours and when we finally left Ryan's room I had a pussy full of cum and a great aftertaste of manhood in my mouth.

Remember I promised myself that this would be the first and last time? Well I now cannot wait for the next time and Ryan has promised to bring his friend along next friday so that I can have my first mmmf!!! Feeling guilty? No. Maybe slightly embarrassed as i remember it whilst shopping in Tescos - but then I get a warm glow creeping out of my knickers and I cant wait until the weekend. John and I are having the best and most intimate sex we have ever had and it is our little secret which harms nobody else. I cant wait to explore further and we are going to meet a horny couple in 3 weeks at a hotel - heres hoping it will be as amazing as my first time with sweet Ryan...!

Sue xxxxxx