Written by M

2 Oct 2003

I thought you might enjoy the story of my first outdoor encounter...

Joanna and I had agreed to meet at a fairly neutral location. As I stood by the boating lake near Whipps Cross Hospital I could see why she'd suggested it. It's near a busy road with a few cafes and there's the boating hut as well - which is where I waited nervously shifting from one foot to the other. The lake itself backs onto a large area of open ground with clusters of tree and bushes. I think I recognised her first as she walked towards the hut, she was looking around casually, I'm not sure whether she was looking for me or just at the rather nice scenery.

Joanna was very nearly the first reply I received to the advert and the photo she'd sent me had immediately interested me. A pretty face, slightly olive skin, slim build, dark, almost black, straight hair which she'd tied back into a pony tail. Dark brown, almost black eyes set above almost flat cheeks with a slightly pointed nose, and her thin-lipped mouth set into a slightly mischievous smile. We exchanged e-mails and eventually decided to meet up.

She smiled as she saw me and I tried not to be too obvious as I looked her up and down - evidently she'd decided to run to the lake as she was clad in running shoes, lycra shorts and a tight sports top with some sort of sports bra underneath, and she was perspiring slightly. She also had a small belt-bag around her waist. The photo she'd sent me had not done her body justice - very trim indeed. Her head came up to just over my shoulders; she's around 5'6 or 5'7 tall.

We said our hellos and the usual pleasantries. "Fancy a walk round the lake?" she asked. "Sure", I replied, and we set off anti-clockwise with Joanna leading the way. We talked as we walked and, as the path often narrowed so that only one person could get through, I frequently was presented with a great view of Jo's rather well shaped backside and hips. Presented with this kind of sight at close range, my cock was rapidly stiffening inside my jeans. I'm pretty sure Jo knew the effect she was having on me as she occasionally glanced down at the increasingly uncomfortable lump and smirked at me, the same smile as on her photo, before looking away.

About halfway round I suggested we sit down by the lake, Jo shook her head and looked around. "How about we go see what's inside that wood over there?" She pointed to some trees about 50 yards away, "I'll race you!"

With that she took off and I was treated once more to that very nice sight of her hips and backside wiggling away. I watch as she ran for 20 or 30 yards and then gently jogged after her. I got to the edge of the woods and I could hear her moving inside the wood so I walked in the direction of the sounds. As I got to the centre of the thicket, the second thing I noticed was that there was a small copse in the middle where the trees thinned out and some grass growing.

The first thing I noticed was that Jo was lying on her side propped up on one elbow with her top and shorts lying in a heap beside her. The bra I'd noticed the outline of earlier was a grey halter-top and she was wearing matching grey knickers. Both items had some darker grey areas, presumably sweat from her run to the boating lake. "Are you just going to stare?” she asked, and then "come lie down beside me."

Never one to refuse a lady I rather hastily joined her on the grass. This close I could smell her perfume mixed in with the scent of her exertions - quite a heady mixture. I was slightly unsure of what to I say so I dug back through my list of ice-breaking lines and was unfortunate to come with "Would a back massage be of interest?" She giggled and I mentally belted myself round the head a few times.

"Okay then" came the somewhat unexpected answer and she twisted herself up into a sitting position with her back to me, took off her top over her head and then rolled back face down on the grass. As she moved I was treated to the sight of a small, round breast with a small tan coloured nipple. "Don't put too much pressure on my shoulders", she instructed me.

I half-stood and swung one leg over her so that my knees were either side of her body just level with her hips. Kneeling above her I could see the elegant curve of her sides as, as her legs were slightly apart, I could see another more intimate curve covered in the grey fabric. I noted that there was a slight darkening of the material there too.

Meanwhile Jo had rested her head on her arms and I leant forward to massage her neck and shoulders. I'm no expert but it's not really hard to make someone enjoy being touched like that. Not too much pressure, don't concentrate on one spot for too long, keep your movements smooth and rhythmic and don't go too fast. As I worked down her back and shoulders, up and down, left to right she began to make appreciative noises, deep exhalations and the occasional "Mmmm".

I eventually got down to the base of her spine and decided to skip her bum and go for the legs instead. I shifted myself well back, bent her knee and started on her left foot. Same principle as the back but you can bit quite a bit firmer on the foot. I worked my way up her calf and then her thigh and stopped just short of the curvature of her buttocks.

As a repeated the same with her right leg she moved her left out a bit giving me a clear view of the crotch of her knickers. As I got to the top of her right thigh it seemed that the dark grey patch I'd noticed before was slightly bigger.

Kneeling between her legs I gently pressed against the dark patch with two fingers and was rewarded with Jo pushing back slightly, raising her backside up just a little and another "Mmmm". She moved her feet further apart as I massaged her cunt through her knickers. She seemed in no hurry to take them off so I continued until the crotch was mostly dark grey.

I asked her to get up to her knees, she did so and I said, "Lean yourself forward, like a Muslim would when praying." She got the point and stretched her arms in front of her with her face down near the grass leaving her backside up in the air. Her knickers stretched tight over her cunt giving a very sexy "camel toe". I lay on my side behind her, pushed the sopping grey material to one side and began to gently lick and nibble her cunt. I pushed her labia apart and began to explore her with my tongue and with a finger, her clit was not very hard to find and the mmmm's and short gasps and breaths of air were quickly forthcoming.

It didn't take very long for her to come, her thighs clamping together squeezing my finger inside her. She almost fell over onto one side, breathing slightly irregularly. "Not bad", she said, "not bad at all, take your jeans off."

I didn't need to be told twice, I stood up and quickly got rid of my jeans. Jo looked at me for a second, gave that little smirk of hers then "And your socks too." Feeling a little silly, I complied. "Much better", she approved. Needless to say my cock was forming something of a tent with my Calvin Klein trunks.

She reached over to her belt-bag, opened it and took out a condom, and then she got up on her knees and moved towards me. She lifted my trunks up and over my cock and then pulled then down to my feet. I stepped out of them and she chucked them on top of the growing pile of clothing.

She looked up, winked at me, and then began to stroke my cock in and out of her mouth.

I've had some pretty bad blowjobs in my time, the girl no doubt wondering how long it was going to take me to come, me wondering if my foreskin is still attached or how bad the bruising will be.

Luckily Jo seemed to have gone to the right school of cock sucking. Sadly after but 30 seconds she stopped knelt there with my cock in her mouth. I looked down to see what was causing the interruption and Jo was opening the condom wrapper - flavoured I noticed.

Looking down on the woman I'd met just 40 minutes ago and seeing my cock up to the hilt in her mouth was quite something I can tell you.

She took me out of her mouth and put the teat of the condom between her lips, she then lined this up against the tip of my cock and used her mouth the roll the condom down my shaft - this was almost enough to bring me off straight away. She withdrew once more and asked "Shall I finish you off in my mouth or would you like to fuck me?" I must have had an expression of indecision on my face because she gave her little laugh and said "Don't worry, you can try the one you don't pick later."

I felt that I should perhaps start taking the lead a bit more. "Okay," I said, "get back in the position you were before." She smirked once more and wordlessly got down pushing her backside high up into the air. I knelt behind her and thoughtfully pulled down sodden-crotch knickers. I put my hands on her buttocks and gently pulled apart her cunt lips. I gently my cock forward and used the tips of my thumbs to guide it into her. I pushed in and out slowly, going a little bit deeper into her each time. My oral work earlier had been time well spent and I was soon pushing my cock as far into her as I could. I released her buttocks and used one hand on her clitoris, the other on her breast. Her nipples had hardened despite having had no attention from me. We moved together, her thrusting back against me, whimpering and giving short gasps as she had when it was my tongue and finger inside her.

As you can imagine, I didn't last very long and was soon just pumping slowly into her, breathing heavily. I withdrew, being careful to hold the condom and slumped onto the grass beside Jo. Between breaths she said, "Not the biggest cock I've had, but you seem to know how to use it."

That was a compliment I assume. Jo pushed me onto my back and then climbed on top of me her backside on my chest facing towards my feet. I felt her delicately remove the condom and then she leaned forward and started to lick and suck me once more. Her cunt was just a few inches from my face and as I looked between her legs and between her breasts, I could see my cock once more in her mouth, she gentle teased me back to a full erection again. I got back to work with my tongue and fingers and it was only a matter of minutes before I brought her off again. She squirmed as she tried to move her cunt out of reach of gentle torture of my tongue. She eventually gave up and got off me and told me to stand up. I did and once more she knelt before me.

"You can come in my mouth but I don't swallow", she warned me and carried on until, for the second time in under an hour, my orgasm erupted inside this near stranger.