Written by John

20 Sep 2003

My name is John 48yrs old, 25 yrs ago I met my first couple through Experience mag we sent letters back and forth, till the night arrived for us to meet they were married Dave and Jane, both around 45yrs old so mature to me, they were a couple from south London but moved to Kent he told me she is very horny and I can do what I like to her, they especially like me to call her names like tart, cock sucking whore, randy bitch when we meet for action.

The night arrived and driving there my cock was hard just thinking of what we will do, I pulled into the pub walked in and saw them standing at the bar, he was tall she was slim, silver bleached hair, short leather skirt and a white blouse showing of some nice tits, we sat down and talked about everything but sex then she got up to the loo, he said your in she likes you, when she gets back we will go for a ride and find somewhere quite.

We left the pub and walked to the car Jane got in the back her skirt sliding up showing her lovely stocking clad thigh, Dave said go on lad jump in the back and get to know her on the way, she’s really hot ant you Jane, she looked flush and nodded, I could feel the heat from her, it was a cold night and the windows were steamed up, as we pulled away I lent over and started to snog her god she was responsive sticking her tongue straight in moaning and thrusting her tits into me, I started to undo her blouse revealing a nice heaving cleavage, I slipped my hand in her bra and pulled her tits out over the top god they looked good sticking up high the nipples nice and hard, Dave shouted good ant they boy suck them, I nibbled and tweaked them in turn Jane was really moaning and gyrating her body, at the same time I slid her skirt up she opened her legs wide and revealed a lovely pink pussy with a little blond hair at the top, she had taken her knickers of at the pub.

The lips were hanging open, I slid a finger in she pushed down hard I moved it in and out then another finger she loved it, white juices were all over my fingers, all the time we were snoging and Dave was peering in the mirror smiling shouting I told you she’s a right slut shove a few more fingers in, open it up for our cocks later on. I would have loved to stick my tongue right in there, but we were still moving, she did look a tart tits poking out, legs wide open moaning with three finger fucking her in and out.

Dave pulled up it was black outside and quite my dick was straining to get out, Dave said right you fucking slag now for the real fun, he got out and opened the rear door the smell was so horny, he said lay down boy and you slag, get on top of him as she did I pulled my trainer down showing her my hard dick, telling her to suck it you little slut, she slurped up and down on it greedily, it was twitching, her arse was facing Dave he had his cock out and said here it goes you whore right up your fuck tube, she grunted he started to fuck her hard slapping against her arse she was still sucking me hard, I forced her head down using her like a fucking machine, suck it cow, suck it Dave shouted he was going to spunk up her cunt at the same time my cock throbbed and thick spunk spurted out down her throat, she greedily swallowed the lot it was fantastic.

Dave was still stuck in there getting his breath back sweat was coming of both of us, she lifted of my cock and started snog me again I could taste my spunk. I then turned her around and told her to suck his cock clean you slut and let’s suck that randy cunt of yours. Her arse and pussy was in full view, cunt lips open and spunk dribbling out I clamped my mouth around it and started to suck, spunk and juices filled my mouth, her clit was rock hard I nibbled and sucked it she pushed her cunt in my face further she was rocking up and down and trembling Dave said here she goes boy wait for it, she shouted I’m coming with that pushed harder into my face, she tensed again and went stiff her juices gushed out covering me with a mixture of spunk and juices it run down my chin, she just flopped on top of me moaning Dave was smiling and said told you boy she a real horny whore ant she.

With that he got in the front we all sat up and had a fag, boy did I need it my heart was still thumping she just laid back with all on show. Dave said they had to go, but next time you can get your cock up her.

I will never forget this first time it all seamed so natural all of us acting like sex animals and then talking like nothing had happened. We did meet again so there are more stories to come.