Written by John

10 Oct 2004

Many years ago when I was 17, i worked as a domestic appliance repair engineer. My job included visiting peoples homes to pick up appliances etc. One day i was sent to a house near my home town. I knocked on the door and a man answered. He invited me in and showed me where the washing machine was, so that i could find out what the problem was. We talked while i checked it out and he asked me if I had a girlfriend.I told him that I did not at the moment. He said that I must be frustrated not being able to get my leg over.I was not bi or anything like that but suddenly realised that my cock was tingling and was getting aroused. he told me that his wife had left him 6 months previous and that he had to wank himself to release his "pressure", as he put it.He asked me if I wanked often. Now I would normaly have told him to piss off but I liked what he asked. I told him that I wanked at least twice a day. He said that he was the same and wanked whenever he had the chance.He put the kettle on and we had a cup of tea. My cock was throbbing in my jeans and the conversation continued. he asked if I came a lot, which I said yes. My cum has always been thick and creamy. He said that he watched porn films and was turned on by mens cum.he said that he wasn't gay or anything but did find watching mens cocks a turn on. Out of the blue I asked him if he would like to see mine. He was a bit startled but said yes. We went upstairs to his bedroom and closed the door. He sat on the bed and I stood in front of him. He felt the bulge in my trousers and I started to unzip my jeans. I pulled them down and was standing with just my pants on.He was rubbing his cock outside his trousers. I slowly lowered my pants to reveal my cock. I am not big but have a 5 inch cock which is quite thick. He touched it and pulled my foreskin back.I felt like cumming. I moved his hand away and started to undo his trousers. I pulled his pants down to reveal a large throbbing cock. I started to wank him slowly. He was laying there just moaning. I then got on the bed with him, lifted his legs up in the air and rubbed my cock just under his balls. I was throbbing and wanted to cum, but held back.He asked me to suck him, but I said that I did not want to do that. He got up and started to wank me, then moved his face lower to my cock. He took my cock into his mouth and sucked and licked me. I had never had oral sex done to me before by male or female and it was mind blowing. While he sucked me I rubbed his cock and wanked him. I told him I was about to cum and I took my cock out of his mouth and shot my load all over his chest. I continued to wank him until I felt him starting to cum. i pointed his cock towards his chest and he shot his load over himself. Our cum just mixed and he rubbed it with his finger. We were both very satisfied and said that we would like to do it again sometime. Well, after going downstairs and having another cup of tea, we were talkng about what we had done. My cock was rising again and he noticed it. He asked me if I would like to fuck him up the arse. I said that i did not know, and anyway, not without a condom. he produced one and before I knew it he was bending over the settee with his arse facing up. he told me to go in the kitchen draw and get the tub of vaseline. i did and smeared it on his arse hole. I put my cock slowly into him and it felt so good. I entered him all the way and started to thrust my cock deep into his hole. I grabbed his cock from underneath him and wanked him while fucking him hard. I soon shot my load into his arse/condom. I came out of him and wanked him until he came too. My cock was still throbbing and he removed the condom and sucked me dry. After we had finished, we both agreed not to tell anyone.We did meet just once after that time and had a wank together. I went on a met a girlfriend and never went with him again. I still remember that time and wonder if one day, i will do it again with another male. Who knows?