Written by David

13 Oct 2003

This is a true account of my first Bi experience. I wwas out with my mates on a usuall saturday night drink. anyway about midnight i was pissed and decided to make a move home. Paul one of the other guys said he would catch a ride with me.

We decided to stop at his flat and continue drinking, He put on a porn video and we watched, drank and chated, I new that Paul been with a guy before and he made no secrect about it.

So after a few more beers just to make sure i was really pissed we started talking about our ex 's ans i asked him what was it like to kiss another guy, At which he turned round and said it was no different than a girl but then said would i like to find out.

At which he leaned over and kissed me on the lips, I wasn't shocked and responded by kissing him back. Then he put his hand on my thigh and i started to feel turned on. We move to his bed room where he undressed me and kissed my body from top to bottom.

I was bursting inside and became very arroused but i couldn't stop him/wouldn't stop him, He took my hard cock into his mouth while stroking my balls. I came almost straight away in his mouth. he then stood up and kissed me, I could taste my cum on his lips.

I sat him down on the bed and started playing with his cock then sucked it. I had never had a guys cock in my mouth but it seemed so natural, he pulled out and came on my face i licked my fingers which i had used to wipe my face and tasted his warm cum.

Then he asked had i had enough to which i asked had he, he said no and would like to fuck me I was still pissed and thought why not. I could feel him touching my ass probeing me then slowly pushing his cock into me which to my suprise did not hurt. We swopped place's and i fucked him.

Afterwards we lay on the bed together cuddling each other till we fell asleep.

I woke in the morning with my arm still round his waiste. We have slept together a few times since then. It seems that a guy knows what and where to touch you.

If anyone out is thinking of going with another guy i would say go for it.