Written by spike1862

30 Aug 2009

Hi all, just need to tell a little story that happened to me last week. Im 40 years old and ive always had a high sex drive and have been open to many adventures. However, over the last 2 years ive found myself getting more turned on by waching gay porn,and looking at the cams on here with guys wearing panties.I thought id give this a go and soon found myself wearing lovely panties and tights and talking to others on here. I got talking to a guy called Mark who lived not far away, he was bi-curious like me so we arranged to meet up at a pub. I decided to go for it and dressed normal but i dared myself and wore some nice red panties with a bow on the front. When Mark arrived i was already having my 3rd pint for dutch courage,Mark joined me and we went somewhere quiet to talk.Mark was as nervous as me, but then he said he was wearing tights under his jeans with some yellow knickers on. I told him that we should both have a little fun as we had broken the ice and he agreed. His flat wasnt to far away so we walked back calling in to get a bottle of wine. When we got there Mark showed me through to the lounge where on a chair, were all his collection of underwear. I was gobsmacked at all the varities and different colours. Then it happened,Mark came and sat next to me and guided my hand to his crotch, i was stroking him through his jeans and i could feel how stiff he was. it was at this point that he suggested we strip just leaving our panties on.I quickly did as he asked and there we were, on his settee me in my red ones and him with his yellow frillies with black tights on. I just couldnt help myself to reach over and i started to rub his cock through the flimsy material, it felt so hot. His cock soon started to grow at my touch and i could feel the precum starting to show.Then his hand came over to me and started to do the same all though i was pretty hard when he first touched me.Mark asked how far we felt we could go and i said i would like to taste cock for the first time, this made him quiver with excitment and he said he would return the favour as it was something he had always wanted to do but had never had the courage or the opportunity to do so.I instantly bent my head down to his lap and uncurled his nice cock about 7 inches of it out from his tights and knickers. I rubbed the precum round his swollen end and stuck my tongue out and licked the end,tasting another mans cock for the first time. Then i went for it and put the end of his cock into my mouth and slid it all the way down, it felt devine. I moved my head up and down and savoured the taste, i was rubbing his shaved balls at the same time. I started to feel his cock twitch at which point he asked me to stop as he didnt want to come just yet as he wanted to taste me. I must have given him the idea because he did exactly what id done to him what he did to me. To say it was his first time like me, it felt like he had been done this before because id not felt anything so good. I also dad to stop him as i was boiling over and i knew i was going to cum really heavy. We stopped for a little while just chilling with each others hard cock in our hands,gently stroking.Then he asked if i would take his load down my thoat or over my face, to which i had no answer as i just wanted him to cum wherever.He stood up and faced me so i could take his cock in my mouth once more but this time i was wanking him aswell, he said he couldnt hold out much longer and i could feel his legs begin to buck through the pleasure and then it happened. I just felt his hot spunk hit the back of my throat so i released his cock from my mouth and wanked him all over my face covering me. I was liked a cock hungry whore at this point licking it all up from his cock and swallowing the lot. As he recovered he said it was the best cum he had ever had and he wanted to do the same for me so we swapped positions with me feeding him my hard cock. I would say that i was slightly larger than him in length and girth but he still took my cock all the way to the back of his throat. Like him it wasnt long before my legs started to tremble and then i felt my spunk starting to shoot down my length and into his mouth. Mark however kept my cock there and totally drained me swallowing all i gave him. He slumped next to me on the settee, we were both shattered through the thrill we had given to each other and vowed that we would have a repeat perfomance.I cant wait till next time. If theres anybody out there thinking about wanting try these things then take my advice, go or it you wont regret it. Im hoping people read this and add some comments or contact me.