Written by penny

3 Mar 2006


I am your average 30something girl about town. 2 kids, great hubby and the usual domestic juggling act lifestyle!

Mick has often suggested swinging and I must admit that although initially reluctant to get involved, I did enjoy reading the stories on here. I never though I could actually go through with anything sexual with another man but that all changed before x-mas when we had our first proper mfm!!!! Why did'nt I do it sooner? don't know but now wish I had as it was the sexiest most romantic and exciting evening of my life, and I've had quite a few nights out in my time!

I have been married to Mick for 4 years and we have 1 child. We married in London after a whirlwind romance and we have always enjoyed great sex (except when charlie was a baby who forgot how, where and when to sleep!!).

I was initially shocked when Mick found this site but I was strangely turned on by the ads and the stories etc. I allowed Mick to put our ad and pics (not our faces)on the site. I was really pleased when some very fit young men (i'm 34) replied with pics of their cocks. I soon agreed to give a three some a go but lost my nerve every time just before it happened. Then just before x-mas I started chatting and camming with a young guy. It was very very erotic and a real turn-on for me to watch guys wank over my pics on camera.

I agreed that we should meet Gary in a busy bar to see if we really were attracted to each other. When I first saw him my heart skipped a beat, he was like a young Robbie Williams all dark and handsome and i could tell straight away we would get on. We chatted in the bar for hours and we were all quite merry by closing time. We had agreed to just meet for a drink but by now I wanted him inside me at all costs. mick knew I was horny as he kept slipping his hand in my knickers which were getting very wet! When we left the pub I sat in the back of the cab with Gary and we snogged all the way home. Luckily Charlie was staying with my mum that night and we all sat in front of the tv with drinks and porn!!! We were all horny within 10mins. I could'nt help myself and just started undoing his buckle and took his cock out. Although I had seen it previously on camera it looked much bigger and thicker in real life. I started to suck him slowly and could taste his pre-cum salty sperm. Mick was licking me by now having told Gary to pull off my kncikers.

I was suddenly pulled of Gary's cock and forced onto the floor face down. I knew my 18yr old toyboy was going to fuck me and there was no way that Mick was going to stop him (judging by the size of his cock which was as big as I've ever seen it!).

Gary was a great lover and the fact he reminded me of Robbie, my sexy superstar wanna be fuck buddy), made it even sexier that i could ever have imagined. when both of them penetrated me at the same time I had my first multiple orgasm ever. I was so wet and happy I felt dizzy with excitement. Gary came in me a total of 4 times in 4 hours and Mick gets hard at the slightist mention of his name.

I will fuck Gary again (and again and again) as I have now been liberated. I no longer feel guilty about having sex with another man as Mick is comfortable with it and he knows I would never cheat on him with another guy behind his back. I love Mick and Charlie and I love my new found confidence - so watch out boys, Im feeling sexy and you could be my next conquest!!!!