Written by sean&marie

6 Oct 2003

This happened about two years ago...I went to a work leaving do, which was just off oxford street.London.me and my mate Tony, had finished work early and I had organised to meet an old girlfriend,Melanie, who was having hard times with her boyfriend and needed a chat, but secretly, I was hoping to get into her panties. We started to have a great laugh and the drink was flowing. We were then joined by another girl, Jo, who was tall extremely attractive and very naughty looking.as the evening progressed, things started to take a turn for the better. Both girls were flirting and the talk was getting very dirty.after consuming a lot of alcohol. I suggested that we go to a hotel and finish of the evening. A hotel room was booked and we proceded very nervously up the stairs to our room. I took Mel to the bedroom whilst Tony and Jo went into the bathroom. Tony being very shy and secretive.Now me and mel have had history before and I tore her clothes off and kept her in her g-string, she then started to dance very suggestively, whilst rubbing her pert breasts and clit, which i could see was glistening with her juices. I could wait no more and started to lick her wet pussy and probed her with my fingers...I then pushed my rather hard cock deep inside her and i fucked her hard and fast, just how she likes it, she then started to scream with wild passion. Mel then said to me" i want you to fuck my arse" I then took my cock out of her pussy and placed it gently inside her, her love juices had dripped down to her back side and made it easier for me to enter her tight hole.I then screwed her until she came and i filled her with my seed.I then needed to go to the toilet and i left her lying on the bed gasping for air. I then entered the bathroom and to my horror.........

I saw that Tony and Jo was still clothed and having a heart to heart, now this was not good, thoughts started to enter my mind, maybe their is no chemistry between them. so i grabbed Tony and pushed him out of the room. I then saw that Jo was liking at me quite admiringly and I started to get hard again. i then helped Jo out of her clothing and then i saw something that to this day I worship. a shaved shiny pussy. i nearly shot my load there and then. She then with her shaved pussy and Knee high boots knelt down in front of me and took me in her mouth. It was like starring in my own personal porn film and I couldn't believe my good fortune. After she had spent a good few minutes sucking and licking my cock I returned the favour and spent some quality time on that pussy. we could then hear a lot of noise coming from the next room and Mel was getting it from Tony and this was turning me on more.. I then suggested to Jo that we join them. She then grabbed my hard cock and pulled me out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. jo then proclaimed, I'm 'here' and I have never seen a human being dismount from another women so quick in my life. He then bent Jo over and pushed his cock deep inside her. i then took Mel and pushed my cock into her sperm filled cunt..... I will continue this story at a later date