Written by rick

11 Oct 2005

i was bursting for the loo on my way home from work i saw some dingey public toilets next to the park on my way home i stopped and locked my bike up outside and noticed there was a man sat in his car accross the road i could he was checking me out by this time i was busting for the loo i was 25 at the time and medium build anyway i made my way into the toilets and went straight for cubicle i droped my trousers and sat down a few minutes latter just as i had finished my buisnes there was a tap on the door i opend the door and this guy about 40 said are you looking for fun so stupidly i said yes he said its to risky here but i live close by do you want to come back to mine so i said ok and he said you can follow me on your bike i said ok and he waited for me to wipe myself i was so horny by now that had trouble to do my trousers up over my hard on anyway i followed him back to his place we went through to his living room where he asked me what i had done before i told him most things but ive never been fucked before and i would like to try it he said are sure i said yes he said take off your clothes and make yourself at home while i get some lube i said ok and striped to my pants and he came back with his cock in his hand he said would you like to suck it yes i said and droped to my knees and took him in my mouth i loved the taste he my turn and he took my pants down slowly and my cock sprang out and almost hit him in the eye he started to lick and suck me it felt so good he then stoped turned me around and started to lick an finger and my tight arse first 1 finger then 2 then 3 then i felt the cold lube around my hole then i felt his cock pushing into my hole bit by bit it felt so good he went slow to start and then got faster and stated to wank me at the same time i come all over his hand and he pulled out took the condom off and shot his load all over my arse and up my back we then got into the 69 postion and cleaned each other up and i left and that was that been round to see him loads since i just cant get enough.