Written by x

27 Aug 2004

Hi, this is a true story, it happened 11 years ago and to this day I can say I have never had such a shag as this. Jane was a nurse, 30yr old, red head, and could prove it too!! She was a really nice person to talk to. My wife and I used to go out in a gorup of 8, Jane and her hubby were part of this group, and I always found myself chatting to Jane more than most within the group.

We came home, all in a minibus, ' back to ours I shouted' which was the norm on a saturday night with this gang. There was never any sexual action at ours during the parties, but this one particular night .... well read on .

Jane asked the guy driving to stop off at theirs as she wanted pernod and we didnt have any in. She nipped in the house and got back into the bus, sat next to me, which no one seemed to take any notice of. While she was sat there, she brushed her hand against my semi hard cock, she always had me like this in her company as she is sooo horny. I replied with a stroke of her thigh, mmmmmmmm very nice she said, we must pick this up later, I knew, I was in lol.

Later that evening, Jane went to the toilet, I was in the kitchen and she beakoned me to come upstairs with her. I didnt take much convincing, and the party was in full flow so no one missed me, especially the wife.

I followed Jane into the bathroom, she asked what we were going to do? I grabbed her and kissed her, she reached down and removed my cock, ahhh, wonderful, she did no more than drop to her knees and gave me a rather sensual blow job, fantastic. It wasnt long before I shot my loads and she swallowed every last drop - snogging me afterwards mmmmm very tasty.

As the party dispursed, Jane was leaving with her hubby, I called after them not to forget their pernd, Jane just looked over her shoulder and said, its OK, just drop it in monday morning, and winked. I couldnt believe it, my first affair.

Monday couldnt come quick enough, I promptly said to my wife, I'll drop that bottle in to Janes, she was OK, saying yeah ask her when were going out again next, i will book the minibus. I got the Janes, knocked on the door, shaking like a leaf, Hubby had gone to work, Jane answered the door, she only had on a night gown, a very sexy one I might add. She asked me in, oh my god, she couldn't wait to rip my suit off. She was sex mad, all she wanted to do at that point was for me to fuck her on the breakfast bar, and i promptly did, what a hoar, she just couldn't get enough, I have tons of stories to tell you but not now.

We saw each other for a good 8 months before we were found out. Her hubby told me he couldn't keep up with her demands for sex, but was not prepared to share her :0(

Anyway, that was 11 yrs ago, and i still see her around - thinking what a dirty bitch she was.

I know this story is not as explicit as most on here but it is true, and now I'm single, divorced, and it all stems from that affair, but I wouldnt have missed it for the world. One day i'll tell you about the time i fucked her on the bonnet of my ex wifes car. Mow I nearly got into big trouble that day.