Written by Nico

29 Dec 2006

At 47 years old I thought my days between the thighs of a twenty year old were well over unless of course I was willing to pay some exorbitant amount for some high-class dubious company. However, I struck very lucky last month and it is still rumbling along as we approach the New Year.

I run a reasonably sized company of forty plus staff and four years ago took a chance on employing a sixteen year old for the first time. Krystelle had not done brilliantly at school but was rather bright, very confident and also had large boobs, which I regarded as a definite plus. She settled in very quickly and I became a bit of a father figure, or so I thought. She was very conscious of her boobs initially and some of the younger guys who work for me made comments that she was not always happy about, in fact she came to ask advice on more than one occasion and I was forced to ask two chaps, one who was old enough to know better, to refrain from making comments when she was around.

As Krys got older and reached eighteen she began wearing tighter tops showing these gorgeous orbs to their best effect, and shorter skirts showing that she had a good pair of legs. She was dating a guy of 22 and clearly as she became more sexually aware, she began to enjoy the comments and would wind the guys up with her own suggestive remarks.

We had to attend a drinks party early one evening two years ago and I invited Krys along but was rather embarrassed when she turned up wearing a very short pleated white skirt, strappy sandals and low cut top, she looked very tarty and I initially felt rather uncomfortable, particularly as she proceeded to get pissed and flash more than I am sure she intended as she sat on one of the low sofas. Thankfully her boyfriend turned up to collect her and I was able to relax. I must confess now as I look back that I would have tried to fuck her that evening if her boyfriend had not arrived.

Krys left a year ago to join another company in marketing and was very grateful for all the help and opportunities we had given her and thanked me for taking a chance when other employers had shied away.

Anyway, in November I was invited to a presentation and dinner in Park Lane, my wife could not join me and I bumped into Krys the week before I was due to go. She joked that she was free and having split with her boyfriend could do with a night away. I explained that I would happily pay for her trip to London but when I enquired at the hotel it was full. I called and explained my dilemma to Krys and told her that I had booked a junior suite that may allow some privacy and that if she did not mind sharing with me she could join me. To my surprise she agreed and said she had already booked two days off work.

We met early morning travelled to London and arrived at the hotel mid morning. Up in our room she showed me the dress she was intending to wear, even on the hanger I could see that it was certainly not suitable for the formal dinner we were to attend but would be great at a party or nightclub. So we went shopping, it was great fun; I bought her shoes, dresses and underwear. At one stage she was trying on a very clingy slinky dress and came out of the fitting room to show me, the dress clung to every part of her body and I was treated to a view of her lacy stocking tops and tiny panties, my cock began to get very hard, Krys noticed laughed and said she thought it would have that effect, we agreed it probably was not the right one for the evening ahead.

We enjoyed a couple of drinks and a bottle of wine with lunch then returned to the hotel. I told Krys I wanted to take some photos of her in her new outfits whilst it was still light and suggested she change in the bedroom whilst I waited in the lounge area. She was up for some fun and created several different poses lifting the hem of her various dresses to reveal a good amount of thigh. She posed in the three dresses and we decided on the one that was perfect for the evening.

Krys then appeared in her own dress, the one I had rejected earlier. On her body it was even shorter than it looked on the hanger, her lacy stocking tops were almost totally exposed. Krys said she knew that I would enjoy it when I saw it on and I agreed. She said she knew it was not appropriate for the dinner but wanted to show me how good it looked. She then sat on the sofa opposite me and said ‘Come on you old perv, take your pics’ and began flashing her thighs, the dress was moving higher up her thighs and as she uncrossed her legs her hairy mound was suddenly on display, ‘Where are your panties’ I asked perhaps naively, her response was ‘Well they didn’t look right with this dress, have I shocked you again?’ she continued ‘Why don’t you feel how wet you have made me taking all those photos’ and she stood up and walked towards me placing her arms around me neck. As our lips met my hands grasped her bum and she pushed her mound hard against me thigh. As we came up for air she said ‘You knew I was going to be up for this didn’t you, when I came out of the fitting room and you got hard, I was so wet I had to rub my clit a little before I got dressed and came back out to you. It was lovely to see you like that knowing I had done that to you. I knew when you invited me that we would end up like this and you must have done too!’

I admitted I thought we might have some fun but was not sure how far it would go. My fingers then moved across her smooth thigh up to touch her soft pubic hair and then I found the hot wet hole that I had wanked over occasionally in the past two years. Two fingers slipped easily inside as she relaxed and pushed to meet my hand. She said that she would come very quickly and she was not wrong, just slow fingering brought her off and soaked my hand. She then led me into the bedroom and lay back on the bed, her panties were on the bottom corner of the bed and she said ‘Look how wet they are’, she was right they were soaking. I parted her thighs and buried my face licking her wet pussy and slipping a finger inside once more, she loved it. I struggled out of my trousers and boxers as I knelt between her legs and I could not wait long before I had to bury my cock inside her hairy wet cunt. She was incredible, as I fucked her slowly she freed her big tits and started pulling at her nipples, she wrapped her stocking clad legs around my waist and I came far quicker than I intended, she said she felt every spurt.

As we lay together I helped her get the dress off completely and then removed the bra that had been holding those beautiful breasts in place. They were far firmer than I imagined and I licked and sucked at her nipples. Krys, said ‘Why is it you guys all love my boobs?’ I said that they were fantastic and she should be very proud of the fact that they were so firm. She said ‘I know but guys always spend so much time playing with them when all I want is to be fucked by a nice hard cock.’ She then went down on me, sucked me to an impressive erection whilst my fingers were busy inside her sticky cunt. Krys then lowered her lovely cunt onto my hard cock and began to fuck me slowly; I lasted much longer this time as I gazed at her lovely tits flying all over the place as she bounced on me. I had a hard nipple between my lips with my hands trying desperately to restrain her big boobs as Krys came, she told me to fuck her harder and I did for all of another minute before I shot my second load deep inside her. She was amazing and as I write this I realise how lucky I was that afternoon, our very first time.

We fell asleep and woke just in time to shower and go to the dinner. She looked stunning and I was very proud to have her on my arm as we entered the room for pre dinner drinks. I was also well aware of the fact that she was not wearing any panties and took every opportunity to squeeze her bum and rub my fingers against her pussy as we stood chatting. During the dinner we were separated but managed to get back to our room between the main course and dessert. Krys was so horny and so was I. I managed to get her to kneel on the edge of the sofa, pulled her dress up and fucked her with my trousers and shorts around my knees. It was a very quick, passionate shag and we both came again. I helped her clean herself up with some tissues and we then re-joined our table.

After we had finished dinner Krys was asked to dance by the young chap sitting alongside her, he apparently thought that she was my daughter; she said that she explained to him that she would love to but that since I had just shagged her she felt a little unsteady on her feet. She said he wasn’t sure whether she was joking or not but moved off from the table to find a more willing dance partner. Krys had been sitting almost opposite me on our table of ten and was quick to move to the seat that had been vacated to my left. As she sat down she pulled the hem of her dress up her thighs treating me to a glimpse of her stocking top, she then took me left hand and placed it between her legs, she whispered ‘Just feel how wet I am you naughty man, I want to feel your cock here again very soon’. I explained that I needed to speak with one or two people before we went back up but Krys decided she would go ahead. I told her to open the champagne from the mini bar and that I would get to her as quickly as I could.

It was only forty minutes before I went back upstairs and slipped my card into the lock, Krys asked ‘Is that you?’ ‘It ees ze room service’ I replied in my best French accent ‘Wait there’ she cried ‘It’s me, silly’ I replied ‘Thank God’ said Krys and there she was on the bed in a short white lace teddy, matching suspender belt and white seamed stockings we had bought earlier in the day. ‘You bugger’ she said ‘ I was going to surprise you, just get your cock out now and come here’ I stood at the side of the bed as Krys took a sip of the champagne and then took my cock in her mouth, the cold bubbly sensation was superb, very different. Her mouth soon got warmer and as she continued to suck me she took the bottle and fed it between her pussy lips. I pulled out of her mouth quickly kicked off my trousers and then pulled the bottle from her pussy and went down on her lovely cunt sucking and licking the champagne. With a two fingers fucking her and my mouth tight on her clit, Krys was writhing and moaning as she came for me.

‘I need your hard cock inside me again please, please fuck me, please shag me hard.’ With her ankles on my shoulders I did as requested and lasted much longer than I though possible, (good wine does seem to do that for me). I did come again but I think she had almost drained my balls dry. We both removed our clothes and settled down in the king sized bed, Krys was happy to fall asleep with her head on my chest.

When I awoke the following morning Krys was in the bathroom, I shouted that I was awake and minute or so later she came back into the bedroom, the white seamed stockings were in place, so were her new strappy high heels and the dress she discarded the previous afternoon. She said ‘I know you like this outfit and I want another good fucking before we leave.’ My cock was then inside her mouth before I could move any further, ‘Let me have a pee first please’ I pleaded and she reluctantly let me go. I brushed my teeth and quickly rejoined her, she was now on her back on the bed her dress around her waist, her legs spread wide with her own fingers doing their work on her pussy. I began to wank my hard cock as Krys said ‘ I could do this for you every day, imagine shagging me every morning, every night and some lunch times, I know that’s want you really want isn’t it?’ ‘Yes, it is’ I lied as I climbed on to the bed, and slipped inside her hot wet pussy. It was yet another incredible shag, and I finished with her kneeling on the edge of the bed in front of the mirror, as my spunk shot up her cunt I was watching her big tits almost slap her face, such was the power of my thrusts.

We showered together in the large walk in cubicle and yet again I was allowed inside her pussy, this time from behind, but we were both a little tender and were not able to finish what we had started. We left the hotel hand in hand, which was a mistake as my friend’s wife was also checking out at the time, she gave me a filthy look and from the phone call I received a week later had happily told her husband.

Arriving back I dropped Krys to her mothers home and some how on our journey agreed to help her find a flat of her own. Six weeks later and Krys has been in her new home for three weeks. I have the pleasure of her company and body on a regular basis and she is getting better and better and dirtier than I ever imagined a twenty-year-old young lady could be. Don’t give up guys but be careful, I am concerned by how she now sees our future. It is a different vision to mine!!