Written by Rob

16 Jan 2004

I met Jane 18 months ago in a local pub, she was good fun and very pretty, all my friends said she was to flirty and to young for me. Im 34 she is 19 I dont think age makes any difference.

I am divorced and my last wife was in to swinging we used to do it all the time and sleep with all our friends, I even got to watch my wife with my sister in law.

Well I hit it of with Jane she was sweet and niave but fantastic in bed, she had round firm tits with good sized nipples, she used a sunbed all the time so her skin was glowing, she was a hot chick and long permed blonde hair. She was very open and told me she lost her virginity at 15 to her brothers friend and she has also had lesbian encounters with her girlfriends. This intrigued me and I wanted to no more.

A few weeks passed and I opened up to Jane and told her all about what I got up to with my ex wife and swinging, she was up for that and said she wanted to do it.

I got in touch with an old swinging friend, who my wife shagged no end of times and I shagged his large wife, but she gave a good blow job.

i told him all about Jane and we wanted to meet up, he was up for it. The next night Jane and I met David and Denise who were in there late thirtys in the usual pub we always met in and things got of to a good start. Jane was sexy she wore a short denim mini skirt and a tight white see through tshirt, I new she was wearing no underwear. David couldnt keep his dirty eyes of Jane and as the evening went on he moved closer to her. They were talking and he had his hand on her leg. I was talking to Denise and she was also watching her husband with his hand on Janes naked thigh as he was sitting very close to her, then suddenly he whispered in Janes ear and she smiled, his hand went further up her skirt and disapeared, I carried on talking to Denise but glancing at Davids hand up my girlfriends skirt, I then noticed Jane had slightly opened her legs wider and was smooching with David, I could see clearly his hand moving under her skirt and then new he was fingering Janes naked cunt, and she was loving it, this went on for ten minutes and then Jane stood up and went outside with David nodding to Denise. Denise and David both nodded to me and we all went outside where Jane was stood against the wall in the pub car park.

I went over to her and she snogged me feeking my cock through my trousers, I asked her what David was doing to her in the pub, she smiled and said rubbing my clit, she told me she orgasmed right there in the pub with us sat at the table.

Denise came over to us and stood next to Jane they looked like little and large. Denise was 18 stone with short cropped hair, she had large tits and a massive arse but a good shag. she then said she wanted to taste pussy. Jane was up for it so we all went in our car to our regular swinging park at the side of a busy motoway. Imediaetly Denise was taking of her top and unclipping her bra to let out her enormous tits, Jane looked shocked but Denise was not hanging around and stuck them in Janes face for her to suck, she was sucking on Denises nipples like a baby and slurping and moaning as she ate away at this big ladys tits, Jane was having her tshirt pulled up by Denise and having her tits carressed by Denises hands, David then got in the back with the girls and pulled down his trousers and pants to flop out his huge hard cock. Jane and denise were eating each others tits and snogging the faces of each other, the moans and groans and slurrping noises were giving me an errection. Dave then told Denise to stop he wanted me and Denise to watch him with Jane.

As we watched closely Davids hands were all over Janes firm body and she was in heaven letting him, he was licking her and touching every part of her, he then pulled of her skirt so she was naked with her back to me, her tight bottom in the air, David rammed his cock in her cunt, she wass wet and screaming for him to fuck her harder, he rammed it in her in a way I never saw him shag my ex wife before, he had hold of Janes arse as he pushed one last time hard and stayed there, he then shouted out "arrrrrrr" and pulled his head back as he come inside Janes hole, he then carried on pushing himself in her and she was bucking back on to him as Denise could no longer watch and not touch she was touching Janes tits which were bouncing all over the place when she let out a big scream " im coming" she shook and shuddered as Denise rubbed on her clit, David then pulled out of Janes cunt and looked at me as he pulled up his pants and trousers, he then said "shes good" Denise was then sat with her legs wide open and Jane was rubbing her clit for her, I new then I had to relieve myself so I got in the back with them as Dave got in the front of the car to watch, Jane then sat to the side and watched me with Deinse.

Denise was dripping wet her cunt was gaping wide open, I fisted her hard and she pulled me closer, her hole is that big she can take my hand, she loves me to do. I then couldnt hold on and needed to come, I got out my errect cock and rammed my end in her large hole, with a few pushes I let go and kissed Jane as I shot my load in Denises hole. I pulled out straight away and sucked on Janes pert nipples which were still big and hard, Denise was moaning she had not orgasmed, so without a word Jane went down on Denises cunt and licked away at her mound, she licked and fucked her until she let out a loud scream calling Jane a horny little slut,

By then we were all satisified. I have since had an email from David asking if he can have Jane again all to himself, well thats up to her to decide