Written by EddieM41

21 Jan 2017

A recurring fantasy I have had that has helped me loosen some tension is one where my wife, we are happily married (15 yrs), open, have a great relationship but are a little tight lipped when it comes to exploring (for real) our sexual fantasies. One weekend a couple of years back her very attractive friend (all in their mid 40s, fit and gorgeous) recently became single after a long relationship, she invites my wife (her good friend) up to her cabin in the mountains with a few other of their friends for a weekend of skiing, partying in an annual event dubbed "cheating weekend" as the apres ski (after ski) is well known for some Xtra marital stuff for those over 30.

After her weekend with the friends... her friend mentions in passing ... "yeah what happens there... stays there... he he he"...

Another conversation over cocktails, stories of dancing on tables and fun abound and her friend mentions..." hot tub"... I start thinking ... "well she did not have any bathing suit with her.." they told of cocktails being served... I smile as I am enjoying their story (as much as they would like to tell).

My wife says.."yeah we borrowed some clothes"... and she tells me later that her friend was fooling around in the hot tub with this gross guy but boy they were drinking..." I follow with..."so were you flirting..?" nah nothing there for me and the conversation ends like that. Well this gets the non-jealous emotions flowing... I become "erotically intrigued".. thus begins the fantasy. I can picture her (blonde and very attractive) with a wet see thru shirt on, the guys offering shots etc... she harmlessly accepting their flirtations...

My wife, conservative and a bit shy enjoys a good cocktail and a laugh... so she is no boring stepford wife type. :-)

I have fantasized in detail that after being out all day (day drinking) they go to the after ski party at a slopeside bar with live music... she is coached by her friends to dance on the table with the others (as they have done). She does, lets loose and several guys come up to her dancing, flirting a little etc... drinks are flowing, conversation is flowing and more... They go down to the dance floor, everyone is a bit hot and sweaty due to skiing, and now dancing...in ski suits. She meets a nice guy, late 30s, attractive, nice right in her sweet spot. He, blonde like her is a friend of another guy her friend is interested in. As the day goes on... a ballad is played from the early 90s... they slow dance, the dance floor is full as can be with people so to find someone in your group would require a great effort. He kisses her on the lips, softly, gently. Butterflies in her stomach as she does not know what is coming next and that 3 hrs away her husband (me) is home with the kids.

They nuzzle up to each other smiling, backing off and he kisses her again as the music picks up and the crowd begins to rock... he tries to talk and she cannot hear him (noise) so he kisses her again and they begin with a passionate long kiss. His tongue entering her mouth, her butterflies trying to escape, her body shivering with nervousness and excitement. She looks around and sees no one she knows so it is "safe"... backs off but enjoys this attention too much and lets him kiss her again. Finally they opt to return to their table for more drinks. There her friend sees her, smirks a nice smile and continues to flirt with her interest.

As the day goes on... one opts to head back to their outdoor hot tub, her friend knows where it is, near hers and they order a large taxi for the group. In the taxi, someone had snuck a bottle and they share it during the 15 min ride to his cabin. Her friend now making out with her interest. They smile, he tries to kiss my wife, she backs off a bit as there are friends in cab.

Arriving at the cabin of his friend, a nice newer cabin with an outdoor hot tub it is suggested to use the hot tub... My wife says.."oh no... I don´t have.." her friend grabs a couple of white t shirts and some running shorts from a drawer in a room. They all jump into the hot tub, my wife and her friend a bit after the guys. As they climb in the guys, without shirts waiting for a friend who comes along with a tray of shots of something (Sambucca)... oh no... we can´t drink more... but they do... great stories abound... laughs etc... everyone leaves the hot tub but her friend and male "prospect", my wife and this guy. The others are now in the midst of a teenage like makeout session. My wife and the guy talk... her friend nods at her and smiles... and goes back to kissing the guy. Finally the guy comes a bit closer, kind of pushes my wife onto his lap, he is hard, she feels it, as she is secretly enjoying the feeling she simply sits there, his hand on her leg and it slowly moves up her leg, the butterflies are back... she says to him... we cannot I am married, he says..me too... but we are here and they are not..." his hand continues unstopped to the side of her crotch... then abruptly the other male throws his shorts out of the tub, and so does the other guy. They both run into the snow naked, laughing... one runs in, grabs more shots and returns... after a bit her friend and man leave.... "we are going in..:" with a smile... leaving my wife in the tub with the guy.

He pulls my wife over to his lap again... she can feel is cock, now growing... my god she wants to see it but is too embarassed to say...his hands venture up her leg again, one on her face as he looks her in the eye and starts for a kiss, she turns aside...he kisses her neck and shoulder... admiring her breasts through the wet shirt. Her nipples are hard... she is sitting dangerously near his now super hard cock.

He repositions her in front of him with her back to the side of the tub...she leans back and he kisses her again... she wants to see his cock now, looks down through the bubbling water and sees a large cock, erect and waiting for attention. She strokes it gently... now he knows he is going to get lucky with a married woman during "cheating weekend":.. He starts kissing her passionately...and moves her legs slowly apart she wants his cock but does not want to cross that line (cheating).... he begins pressing to sneak an entry into her cunt... he wants to fuck her so bad now he is almost pushy...

Suddenly her friend and the other guy return..."hey you guys coming in... we just showered...and want to get a bite..." as drinks are in their hands again. "Yeah... I am coming" she exits the pool, the guy is frustrated and understands he needs to work a bit more. They run through the snow, and her friend and man go to her bedroom to get something. My wife goes into the bathroom...to shower. The door is unlocked and with music now playing in the living room, he slowly enters, there my wife, naked in front of the mirror stands there, he comes in... with only a towel. "hey you cannot come in here..." he closes the door, walks up to her, gently touches her breasts with a finger... she is now turned on... the butterflies are flying everywhere.."where is this going..." she ponders. Not having felt another man other than her husband the past 15 yrs she is nervous, excited and horny plus a bit drunk.

He kisses her neck and down to her breasts... his tongue slides down her stomach to her crotch. From here his tongue probes her vagina... in and out... my god she wants him now... all barriers are down... she knows where this is going if she lets it. His tongue probes and she leans back on the sink spreading her legs thinking he will...... he then stands up, a knock on the door... "hey are you ok..." yeah we are fine... both laughing... she hears her friend laughing...

He looks at her, kisses her softly... and pushes her head down to his towel. He drops the towel and there a cock fully erect about 8 inches long and thick is waiting... "No I cannot I am married... as she slightly pounds her fist on the sink..." he looks at her...and repeats "I am married too...u think he does not screw around when he is away...?"... he guides her head to his cock.. helps her take it in her mouth... slowly he starts thrusting...she starts stroking him...it feels so good for her. A new cock, bigger, thicker and harder than the one she is used to. She is thinking OMG I want this cock in me... but I cannot it would be crossing that line... After about 5 minutes she stands up, she gives him a slight kiss and puts her towel on... and leaves the bathroom.

No one in the living room now.. her friend had gone to bed and she could slightly hear sounds of pleasure... her friend was fucking this guy.... the sound of slapping and groaning... The guy follows my wife into her bedroom ... she repeats she cannot do this as she is married and loves her husband... he understands but wants one more shot... "don´t you like me..?" "she says "yes...but"... he sits down next to her, looks her in the eye and kisses her. The towels come off... he takes her head again and guides it to his cock... he knows this is his shot.

He then pulls her up, leans her back off the end of the lower bunk of the bunkbed and begins kissing her thighs... his tongue again enters her vagina... her clit he finds easily... so sensitive... she cries in ecstacy... he sucks her pussy lips while his hands rub her breasts... her nipples are super hard and he knows he has to keep up the momentum. She grabs his head and shoulders pulling him up... looking at him in the eyes...not saying a word, he kisses her breasts... she wants his cock and uncharacteristic of her says..." I want you to fuck me..." ... do you have a condom... he asks..."do u want me to get one..:" she says yes but first... and starts kissing his neck and she feels his cock nearing her moistened pussy.... her legs spreading wider... he has not yet entered her... his cock probes and probes her pussy... he then takes a small step back and is about to reach for the condom somewhere (probably does not have one)... she looks at him... "fuck me... fuck me hard... but pull out...before you spray "... he moves her legs a little father apart and enters her... omg she is thrilled this gorgeous cock is now in her, she has crossed the line... she has never felt a cock this good... as he enters and exits, thrusting deeper with each push... she feels the butterflies leaving... the feeling of orgasm like she has never had before... her body quivers... she is thinking...OMG... this is great... but he needs to tell me when he will cum ... so he can pull out... As he thrusts, he turns her around, she lying on her back and his cock now slides up and down her ass crack... "no not there I want it in my pussy..." he straddles and enters her from behind. She grabs the sheets in ecstacy... she is thinking OMG this cock is so good... I hope this can go on forever... he then turns her over again... lying there completely naked... sweaty... "hey are you guys alright.." her friend at the door... "yeah we, I am fine..." Are you ok.. she asks again... alarmed due to the sound of their love making... the music then dies down in the other room now they have to be very quiet.

My wife almost loses her nerve to finish... but seeing his cock and six pack abs is too much for this once in a lifetime "drunk" fucking session. She comes between her legs... and starts thrusting again..:"we cannot do this... I am married... please...." she says.. as he picks up the pace knowing that any more delay and this night could end very abruptly. He pushes and pushes... she says..."omg this feels so good but it is not right..." as she hints for him to climb off... Her pussy is now getting sore as the girth of his cock has been in and out for so long... he is getting more and more aggressive as he wants to cum... and knows any further delay and this could end... She is enjoying this but hating it... emotions going through her head but the feeling is too good. He pleas.... "let me cum, I want to cum"... she says..."ok but pull out ...." he continues... and another orgasm almost paralyses her body... she can feel his cock throbbing inside and his balls hardening... the bed is now shaking as he aggressively fucks her. She is thinking OMG what if my friend hears me... ? as he continues pounding...when will this end...?

He then pleas... "where do you want me to finish...?" ... You have a condom so do it where you want... he then says... "I am fucking you bareback... but will pull out..." ... no stop... he continues... you want it on your stomach...? don´t cum in me... please I am scared... "I am clean " he says... as he continues lifting her legs over his shoulders so he can deeply penetrate... he is very close to cumming... " Ok I want to pull out.... "... she looks at him... her head says... "take it out now..." but her body is yearning for his cum... the risk, reward, penalty is too hot to ignore. He slowly starts pulling out to finish and she grabs his waist... and tells him... "fuck me... spray it in me... cum inside me... "but I have no condom"... "she says..."just fuck me and do what you want..." as his balls harden she grabs his ass pressing it and his cock deeper in her... she thinks of saying "stop"... and then says..:"fill me with your sperm, fill me... cum inside me... I want to feel your cock throb... and what it would like to be to get impregnated by your gorgoeous cock..." she is shocked at her own words... as his cock explodes in her... stream after stream of hot cum. As he finally relaxes... she feels dirty, emotional but like a real woman... and with a wink of an eye... she falls asleep...next to the man who won his conquest.... PART II - The Day After...