Written by Paula

23 Aug 2005

As many people know when you imagine a secutary you imagine a cheap little slut that is willing to steal any man she believes she can get around her little finger. My husband was one of them. Every saturday i would go out clubbing with the girls and Kate ( the secutary) would come round to deliver alans notes from the meeting on a friday. I knew from the first time i phoned to hear himout of breath that somthing was not right. i got one of my friends who lives next door to keep an eye on him, she saw kate walking in at around 7 and leaving at around 10. i felt that enough was enough after 2 months i knew what i had to do. I had no proof untill i started reading up on cheating husbands. I planted a video camera amongst my dirty laundrey and recorded them in the action. The next day i watched it and found my self incredibly turned on. So i decided that this dirty little slut would have to share. i walked in in suspenders and sexy underwear when they were at it a shared some of my husbands cock with this sexy little whore. After licking out her tight hot pussy i knew i was missing somthing far more than my husband. Now kate is with my husband and i am with Rebecca my new partner (who doesen't mind me turning her on with this story)