Written by Yasmin

8 Oct 2004

This is a true fantasy [if there is such a thing?]

But I can't resist to write down how I feel about something.

I'm a 31 year old, pretty inexperienced, girl. I am a slim blonde, quite tall - I've always been told that I'm pretty and sexy [or was it pretty sexy? I don't know.] I nearly went to university but met a lovely guy a bit older than me who lavished me. I've now been married to him for 11 years - he's called Les. He's a perfect husband in every way except that I've always felt that his penis was on the small side. I know he's conscious about it - as he's often got quite jealous when he's spotted me either noticing or commenting on men with overly filled swimming trunks or tight black cotton training shorts.

My sex life with Les has always been satisfying, and after 11 years and two kids later, I'm glad to say we still make love on a weekly basis. Albeit, rather routinely. But at least we still make the effort as some couples don't. But I would say he is only average in the sex-equipment area. He's about 6" fully erect, and even though I'm told this is quite normal, I'm not someone who ever wants to accept 'average or normal'.

[I used the phrase earlier, 'tight black cotton training shorts' That's because it's where my fantasy always begins.]

You see, my husband used to come to our local gym with me. I have always used a gym, but I think he got a bit curious why I felt it necessary to go three times a week. So, he joined on my ticket as a guest for three months. It didn't last long because he couldn't find the time as he worked in London and was very tired when he got back. I also suspect he felt a bit intimidated by some of the well-honed men exercising alongside him.

There are at least two young guys at the gym who have asked me out for a drink recently. I've had to turn them down [sadly] telling them that I'm married with kids etc.

But I think my disappointment was probably a bit too obvious as they haven't stopped from asking me.

One of them, Luke, works at the gym as a personal trainer [not mine unfortunately]. He is the one who wears the tight cotton shorts. And the other is an advertising executive or something, who rows for a team in Henley. And drives an open-top sports car [Morgon I think!]

When I recently needed to renew my membership for another year I asked Luke if he could give me the necessary form or whatever. He said jokingly, "I'll pay for you to stay!"

"Come to my office in the blokes changing room at 9.45"

The gym closes at 9.30 and that was 25 minutes away, so I carried on training for a bit longer knowing that Les would have the kids to bed by now.

I was getting a bit anxious that I would be late home, so at 9.42 I pushed open the door to the men's changing room and wandered in looking for Luke. The place was quiet and deserted apart from the sound of a solitary shower. I could see a man through the steam standing in the shower. I was a bit embarrassed being in the men's changing room, so I shouted out to the man, "Have you seen Luke? I'm here to see him"

With that, the guy in the shower turned round and said, "You're early. I am Luke and you're seeing him. Now.. can you pass him a towel before he has to get you arrested!"

I couldn't believe it. You see, Luke has beautiful pecs and a perfect six-pack tummy - a body to die for. But christ, he also has an awesome penis! I wandered up to him with a towel I'd nervously grabbed from the rack and handed it to him trying to keep my eyes fixed on his face -I couldn't! All I could see was his amazing cock swinging between his legs as he walked towards me. {And I always thought men shrivelled a bit in the shower?}

To make matters worse, I had stupidly grabbed a hand-towel in my haste. He just laughed as he tried to tie it around his waist. This just gave me an even closer look at his amazing penis. Eventually, he found a towel himself, as I was so embarrassed, and then gave me the renewal form.

Still dripping wet, he then kissed my forehead and said, "You don't shower at the gym do you? We could shower together one night... if you like?" God knows why, but I just uttered, "I like."