Written by Cheryl

1 Aug 2005

After reading Joyce’s email of her job interview it prompted me to write in with my own story.

My husband Richard was reading the local paper the other day whilst I was busying myself in the kitchen. He came in holding the paper and said “there's a perfect part time job for you”. I took the paper and had a look. The advert read, "Topless bar maid required 3 lunch times a week plus additional stripping services needed for the first Sunday in the month". After reading it over I looked up at my smiling husband. “Yeah” I said “Nice try”. Anyway later on after he had gone out I went to find the paper. I found the advert and nervously dialled the number. A guy called Steve answered the call and asked me to pop by at 3 on the Monday.

On the Monday I started the day by going down to the tanning studio to top up. By lunchtime I was so fucking nervous, I couldn’t decide on what to wear or if I should really go. In the end I opted for the simple after all it was an interview. I chose a plain white blouse, which clung to my body and showed off my 34dd tits, which had been given a bit of help with a push up bra. I then pulled on a plain black knee length skirt, which further accentuated my Size 12 figure and finally a pair of black knee length boots. I didn’t bother with tights as my legs were looking very good from my morning session.

At just gone three I walked into the pub and noticed about a dozen or so men spread round the room. A guy from the bar noticed me enter and smiled. “Hi you must be Cheryl, I'm Steve”. I smiled and walked over. “What are you drinking?” I ordered a gin as I thought I could do with it and we sat down at a table. To his credit Steve put me at ease and went through the general things that the job would entail and I sat patiently nodding at the right moments and smiling occasionally. Then suddenly he smiles and says, “I bet I want get much response to this”, he stands up and starts walking to the door. “Right who’s leaving?” he pronounced to the room. I nervously looked around and noticed a guy finish his pint and gets up to leave. As he leaves Steve announces “I’m locking this door now”. He then returned to me and laughs saying “I knew I wouldn't get many takers as told them I was interviewing for the new barmaid.”

He then starts to explain the job in detail saying that he has only had the one girl interested so far and that really she wasn’t what he or the customers were after. He also explained that he had used agency girls before but his customers enjoy “looking with their hands” and that these girls are a little too touchy about being felt up. At this point I was thinking to myself “what the hell are you doing Joyce?” Nevertheless I didn’t interrupt Steve as he began saying that the topless bar work will be in a skirt shorter than the one I was wearing, and that whilst it was OK to wear stockings there would be no tights or knickers. “Finally” he grins, “toplessness”. I shuffled a little in my seat. “Honey that top is driving me wild. I have never seen something so plain give me so much wood”. I laughed, “How about taking that and your bra off as I’m dying to seem those tits”. I had noticed that he had barely been able to draw his eyes from my tits since I came through the door. I smiled and dwelled for a few seconds. Then encouraged by whistles and a rendition of “Get your tits out for the lads” from the customers I finally obliged. I stood up whilst they began singing the theme from the stripper and began to slowly unbutton my blouse turning around to my audience. Then before it had time to hit the ground I began to flick each of the bra straps off my shoulders. Finally I unclasped it sending the guys into frenzy as my tits bounced free to great them.

I walked over to Steve and thrusted my tits out to him. He stopped his applause and gave me a good feel. He then proceeded to explain that he would expect the barmaid to have her tits fondled when she went round the tables collecting glasses and that hands and fingers would touch everywhere. I didn’t respond, as the thought of being felt up was actually very appealing.

We walked over to a small stage and Steve began to explain the stripping aspect involved. He said that he wanted a nice steady strip on stage at about midnight the first Sunday of every month. Once I stripped off he would then expect a little dance before bending over to flash my pussy. I would then walk back through the bar naked with either him or the doorman so things don't go too far. After a short break I would then put on my underwear again before walking round the first few tables then back on stage with five or six selected regulars who get to remove my bra and panties before having a fondle. There would be one final strip in the early hours at the bar where I would serve guys naked for an hour or so “So anyone who wants to can have photo taken sucking or holding your tits or there head, hand or what ever between your legs”. “OK” I beamed at Steve, “sounds fun”.

It was approaching half three and Steve said that whilst we had some time he might as well show me round. We walked off the stage with thirteen eager little eyes watching my tits bounce around as I walked down the few steps. We walked back over to the bar and as I did so I smiled at those guys that had bothered to make eye (as opposed to tit) contact with me. Behind the bar were some steps leading down to a storeroom. As we walked down the stone steps I noticed how cold it was, nevertheless Steve explained that I could lock things down here like my handbag and keys as well as change before and after my barwork. By the time we got to the bottom it was freezing and Steve noticed my nipples erecting due to the cold. “I suppose you want me perky before I start my work” I giggled.

We went back up the stairs. “So I still haven’t put you off yet?” Steve smirked. “No not yet” I said, as I was saying this I felt Steve begin to unbutton the back of my skirt. I walked only a few paces before it suddenly fell and accumulated around my heals. Apart from my boots I was naked. I heard a “fucking hell she’s as bald as a coot” come from the guys. Then Steve hurried round and had a look. “You’re not wrong,” he laughed. “Well then lets have a look at your pussy”. Now I hadn’t counted on this, as far as I was aware I was going to show my tits and that would be that, I was even prepared for a little fondle. However, there was something about this place. There was something even about Steve.

I smiled and strolled over to the pool table. I hoped up and laid back on the bear stained cloth, I then opened my legs to my new customers. “Well that all looks fine to me” he said and judging by the response from the others I guessed the other guys were in agreement. “Just one more test “as he walks over undoing his jeans “can the boss fuck you when ever he wants?” I looked up and saw his mighty cock and braced myself for a good hard banging, “Of course you can darling, show me what a good fucking is” I replied. Steve rested the head of his cock on my clit and began stroking it between my lips, they were so moist, and it was such a giveaway I was too turned on. He then eased his way into me, and I felt myself take his full length. He slowly built up speed ramming into me as my tits flew all over my chest. His cock was so hard and he was fucking me so fast. I was gasping for breath when I felt his veins bulge inside me. Suddenly he erupted; wave after wave of hot spunk flowed into my body and squirted deep inside of me.

As Steve clambered off he wiped his cock clean down my thigh leaving a sticky trail. He then looked round at the 13 guys that had now gathered round me. “Well…don't just wait for her call your name she don't know them yet,” he barked at the others. On this call to arms a lad in his 20’s climbs on top of me and starts banging into my sopping wet fanny and cums within seconds. As he pulled his exhausted frame off me an older bearded guy enthusiastically shouted, “Here let a proper man show you how to fuck the slag.” As he positioned himself someone forced their cock into my mouth whilst I felt others wanking over my tits. The bearded one took about five minutes of patent nudging inside me before he let go. Towards the end of his session I felt so bored and so sorry for help I obliged by faking an orgasm to make him feel better. I wish I hadn’t as behind him was a queue of others shouting “hurry up it”, or one who I heard say “It’ll be nice to eventually get my fucking cock in that slut some time today”.

It was a marathon effort as all thirteen fucked me at least once, some eager ones got a second and a third. There were some fucking gorgeous studs sliding into me as well! Steve then gained some energy and announced, “Right you lot, you’ve had your go, I want to fuck her again as I've got to open up soon.”

Finally my darling new boss came once more in my used and thoroughly saturated body. He got off and helped me get to my feet, I stood up and noticed the cum dripping off my body and down my thighs even into my boots. It was everywhere. He looked at me and smiled. “You want the job?” I paused before smiling and saying “Sure, when do I start?” There were cheers around the bar to my response. Steve looked to the clock behind the bar and said “fancy starting in half an hour – I open at 5? Seeing as it’s your first night we wont fuck you”. “Anyway there’s a shower upstairs you had better get ready”.

And that was my interview. I’ve been at the bar now for a few months, occasionally doing a few extra lunch hours. There’s also been a pregnancy scare involving Stevie!!!! My husband is none the wiser, thinking that I got a nice little job at the local flower arranges. Well, it helps explain all the bunches of flowers I get from my customers!!