Written by Pete

21 Apr 2004

So often, voyeur stories are written very much from the perspective of the male voyeur rather than the woman’s point of view and as such I wanted to re-dress this balance by sharing a story from a wife’s point of view where my involvement was as the voyeur. I hope both men and women enjoy it and thanks to Beth and Mike for allowing me to share Beth’s story with others.

I’d been married to my husband in a wonderful relationship for 10 years and during this time we had had some great sexual experiences between us. On a number of occasions we had discussed our fantasies and a recurring theme had occurred with my husband which was the fact that he had fantasised about me meeting a guy in a pub/restaurant who caught my eye and that following me flashing and flirting with him, end up calling him over for a drink and then leaving with him and going back to our house to have sex whilst my husband watched.

At first I couldn’t understand why he would want to share me with another man however found out that he wanted me to explore my sexual side further and allow me to have different experience but in a safe environment and in the knowledge that at the end of the day it was him whom I would be sharing our marital bed with after the fantasy. I must admit the thought of trying out knew things did appeal however I needed the comfort of knowing it was on my terms and would be safe and enjoyable for me and my husband. As I loved my husband so much, I eventually agreed after many years of saying no to take things a stage further after all you only live once and if it did not turn me on I would not need to do it again or could stop at anytime.

My husband and I decided that we would look for a voyeur on the internet, make contact and take it from there. After reading what seemed like an endless amount of adverts we eventually decided on contacting a guy named Pete. Pete’s ad was different to the others in that it read well, gave me a degree of comfort in the way and what he had written and also he came across as engaging and fun without being pushy. We spoke to Pete on the telephone and exchanged a few emails and decided to meet him in a pub of our choice. The week before the meeting seemed endless, thoughts were racing through my mind, would I like him, could I go through with it, would my husband feel jealous if things progressed? On the arranged day, I looked through my wardrobe and decided on a black two piece jacket and short skirt, black stockings a low cut blouse, black high heels and my favourite thong which was lacy but also revealing.

I put my make-up on and Mike, my husband entered the room. I could see by the look in his eyes that he was impressed. ‘My goodness Beth, you look absolutely gorgeous and I want to thank you for going along with this, you do not know how much this means to me’. He came over and kissed me deeply. We arrived at the pub at 7.00 p.m. Pete said he would be there just before us. As we had both seen a photo of him and he of us we knew who to look for. We entered the pub and saw Pete at the bar. We got our drinks and found an empty table to sit at which enabled Pete to see us from a respectable distance. Pete smiled knowingly and I returned his smile. Mike and I sipped our drinks and chatted. I felt myself becoming really horny and wet between my legs thinking that I could take this as little or as far as I liked. As the drink began to take its effect, I felt more comfortable and took off my jacket top. I was not wearing a bra and I could feel Pete’s eyes looking at my tits knowing he must be able to see my aroused nipples through the blouse. I looked at Pete and he casually dropped his hand and gave his groin a rub through his trousers in such a way that only myself and Mike would understand the signal that he could see me and was excited by what I had done. Growing in confidence, I positioned myself so that my skirt rose to reveal the tops of my stockings and proceeded to open my legs slightly to give Pete a view of my lacy thong. Mike whispered in my ear that he too was enjoying what was happening.

I opened and closed my legs and glanced again at Pete who was giving me the signal of his pleasure. I could make out the shape of his hardening cock through his trousers. After a few minutes I leant forward to put my now empty glass on the table at the same time feeling my tits move forward in my blouse knowing Pete could see them through the top of the blouse. I turned to Mike and told him I was getting really horny at what was happening. I said to Mike that I wanted to go to the toilet and take of my thong to give Pete a good view of my pussy. Mike agreed. I left and went to the toilet, took off my thong and whilst there moved my fingers inside my pussy which was wet and felt on fire. I removed them, put my thong in my handbag and came back out. I sat down again and proceeded to open and close my legs. The smile on Pete’s face became broader. He knew that I was nervous about the whole thing and realised that my actions meant I was enjoying how things were progressing. In this state of arousal, I decided I wanted more. I asked Mike if he would mind if Pete joined us and sat beside me. Mike’s cock twitched through his trousers as I mentioned this and he said he’d ask Pete if he wanted to do this. Mike ordered another round of drinks and whilst doing so asked Pete.

I knew Pete had accepted as he helped carry the drinks back. My heart was racing. Mike moved to the opposite side of the table allowing Pete to sit next to me. We chatted quite comfortably as though we had been friends for a while. I took the lead and put my hands on Pete’s and moved it to my thigh. Slowly Pete inched his hand up my thigh. I moved my legs wider to give him more access and felt his hand moving further and further towards my pussy. It seemed like and eternity before he reached my pussy which up till now in our marriage had only been touched by Mike. It felt absolutely wonderful seeing the enjoyment that all three of us were getting from the situation. Pete proceeded to brush his long fingers over my pussy lips spreading the moistness onto his fingers. I moved my hand to his trousers and felt the outline of his erection. My goodness, why hadn’t I done this before I asked myself as it felt so good and extremely erotic and horny. Mike smiled at me and said he too was enjoying it. We chatted and fondled each other. I leant forward and put my hand under the table to feel Mike who also was as hard as a rock. I said to Mike, ‘You know I said I could choose how far to take this, well I wish to take it further.’ Mike smiled as his fantasy was becoming reality. Mike asked Pete how he felt and he smiled and said he was happy to progress things further as long as I was able to stop at any time. I agreed and we gave Pete our address. As he was parked in another car park to us, we both set off separately. We got to our house first and had time to pour some more drinks and put on some music before Pete arrived. We sat in the lounge and chatted about how we had all enjoyed the pub adventure. I felt really alive and wanted to keep the momentum going. I asked Pete if he enjoyed playing cards and would it be fun if we played strip poker. Pete agreed as did Mike.

I asked Pete to explain how to play strip poker as I had forgot and Pete explained that all the pack was dealt face down. Starting with the person to the left of the dealer each would turn up the top card in their pile and lay it down so everyone could see. If it was a number card the next person laid a card down however if a court card appeared the person to the left had to lay anotMy court card in a certain number of goes with Jack 1 card, Queen 2, King 3 and Ace 4. Jack was therefore the card you didn’t want anyone before you to turn up. If you failed you had to take off an item of clothing and the game recommenced. When a person had no clothes left the group could decide how many more hands to play and if the naked person had to complete forfeits. They each counted the items of clothes they had and agreed on each having 7 items. The game commenced. Each of them lost equally to begin with so shoes were quickly discarded. Next Pete lost and took his socks off and quickly afterwards lost again taking his shirt off revealing his broad chest with its curly dark hair.

I looked over with an eager look not having seen Pete’s chest like this in the flesh as opposed to a photograph. Mike too lost his shirt and I laughed as apart from my shoes I had not lost. Then Mike turned a Jack. I slowly revealed the next card and to Mike and Pete’s delight it was a 7. I put my hands behind my back, unbuttoned the blouse and revealed my lacy bra which I had put on to even up the items of clothes. Pete and Mike glanced at each other and a wide grin spread across their faces. Mike lost a couple games and like Pete sat bear chested with trousers and pants left. I then lost. Both thought that I would take my stockings off but were taken aback when I asked Pete to go behind my chair and help remove my bra. Without hesitation, Pete stood up and went behind me, his hands trembling slightly.

He unhooked the bra and I cupped it in my hands. Pete sat down and looked across at me. My breasts were round and full and Pete could tell my arousal by the way my nipples stood erectly. Mike moved his hand to his groin to rub his cock that was stirring. Within a few hands I lost again. Once more I chose different to what the men thought and chose my skirt. I stood before them, undid the button at the waist and unzipped it from the back. The material of my skirt slid quickly over my stockinged legs and I moved towards Pete to step out of it. Whether on purpose or not, I stumbled and put my hand on Pete’s chest to steady myself. Pete naturally put his hand out to help me and it rested on the cheek of my bottom. I moved towards him and he took the signal and moved his hand up between my thighs at the back and ran his hand along the material of my knickers. He could feel not only the heat but also the moistness of my arousal seeping through the material. I noticed Pete’s cock stirring in his trousers. Pete lost the next hand and was down to his boxers. I kept looking at the bulge in the front and licked my lips whilst holding Mike’s hand. Pete again lost and it meant his boxers had to come off. He stood up and tucked his fingers into the waistband and slowly pulled them down. When he stood up Mike said, not bad, not bad at all as Pete’s hard cock sprang up. My eyes widened. Whilst not huge Pete’s cock was longer than Mike’s albeit not as wide. Next I lost and decided that this time I too would take off my knickers. I stood again and slid them down my legs standing up straight, naked apart from my stockings.

As I sat down Pete looked between my legs. My pussy was trimmed so my lips could be seen full and open in between the dark curls of my hair. The lighting caught the moistness of my lips and I sat their slowly opening and closing my legs. Mike then lost and was down to his boxers. A damp stain of pre-cum showed that he too was enjoying the game. Next Pete lost again and it was agreed that Mike could chose the forfeit. Mike told Pete he must stand behind me and massage my neck for a minute. Pete began to massage my neck his cock swaying close to I. I felt the tip of Pete’s cock touch my neck and it sent a shiver down my spine. The minute up Pete sat down again. Mike lost two rounds and for his forfeit I told him to stand and slowly pull back his foreskin and pull it back up again for a minute. Mike obliged and slowly revealed his purple shiny know time and time again. My fingers moved to my pussy and began to rub up and down. Mike said that he thought they were ready to stop the game and just get on with the fun. I agreed. As they got up from the coffee table, I told them to bring some chairs into the bedroom to the end of the bed and sit down.

I disappeared into the bathroom and the men wondered what was happening. I appeared with a smile, arms behind my back obviously holding something but what. I told Pete and Mike to close their eyes which they did. When I told them to open them I was on the bed in front of them with the vibrator I had bought in my hands. The men’s eyes widened and they both smiled. I turned on the vibrator and lay back on the bed. My legs which were bent at the knee dropped to each side and I began to play the vibrator up and down my pussy. My body quivered as the vibrations sent wonderful sensations through my body. Slowly I moved the tip of the vibrator up and down my pussy lips and as I did so my lips began to enlarge taking on a deeper shade of pink. Soon the head of the vibrator was moving slickly across the entrance to my pussy aided by my juices which glistened in front of Mike and Pete’s eyes. As I became more aroused my hips moved to meet the movement of the vibrator.

I glanced at the men and knew they were enjoying it as much as I by the look on their faces. As my excitement increased I pulIed the vibrator deeper inside me until its full length disappeared. Each time I withdrew it the men could see the thick coating of my juices on it. Without warning my body arched and I plunged the vibrator deep insider me as I let out a moan and quivered uncontrollably as an orgasm swept over me. I lay back on the bed gasping for air with a contented smile on my face. Rather than asking for a breather, I asked Mike to move up to my face so I could start to suck him. I told Pete to get between my legs and lap up my warm juices. Without further instructions both men did as requested. I moved my head to the right so Mike could maneuver his cock into my open mouth. At the same time Pete moved between my legs and lowered his head. He could smell my arousal and the heat from my pussy which was still gaping and twitching from my orgasm. He used his hands to spread my lips further apart and then with easy access he slowly delved his tongue into my hole. I moved towards Pete pushing his tongue deeper insider me. I could feel Pete’s tongue moving to different parts of my pussy making it tingle with excitement at the same time I cupped Mike’s balls and forced his cock further into my waiting mouth.

Suddenly Mike began to throb and buck and he shot his streams of warm cum into my mouth. I sucked him dry. I then moved Pete from between my legs and got hold of his cock and proceeded to wank and suck him until he too shot his load onto my tit.s. Another orgasm ripped through my body. We looked at each other, laughed and smiled. I told Mike and Pete that this was enough for me on this first occasion however it had been a wonderful experience which I wanted to do again but next time, having Pete’s cock inside me. We all agreed to arrange another meeting in the near future where this could become reality. To be continued…………