Written by Anna

19 Sep 2004

I know my husband reads the adventures of people on this site, but has no idea that I do when he is out. We are in our late fifties with a grown up family and grandchildren, Edward my husband is a kind man but can't stand other men to look at me, we met at school and was my only sexual partner till our last holiday.

We have been to Fuerteventura many times always to Correlejo and mainly to the sand dunes to sun bathe. Edward always manages to find us a windbrake a shelter built by other people out of rocks to protect from the breeze but ours is high so nobody can see me sunbathe, other women move around completly naked but not me, not even topless.

We always take a picnic with us and after we have eaten Edward always says right I'm going for a walk and up he gets and is gone about an hour, before our holiday I decided if he did this I was going to take my top off the only reason been for the thrill of another man looking at my breasts. As predictable as ever up he got and went as he got some distance away I laid my towell outside the shelter took a deep breath and off came my top, it was nice to feel a breeze on places that don't usually get it. After about five minutes I looked to see if there was anbody near only a young man about twenty so I laid back down, then a voice in my head said take your bottoms off, I trembled at the thought of been naked outside in the view of other men, looked round nobody looking off they came very quickly, I quickly laid down between my legs was wetter than it had been for years.

The next day we got the same wind break, as we did the next couple of days and every day before my husband went for his walk I was trembling in anticpation waiting for him to go so I could be naked in front of other men.

On the fourth or fifth day I'm not sure which my husband went for his walk I laid out my towell took off my bikini and started to rub sun creme in to my shoulders and my back with a bit of difficulty do you need some help with that a voice said I turned round it was the young man I had seen on our first day before I could answer he sat down behind me and started to rub cream in my back and whats more he was completly naked. I have been watching what you do when your husband leaves he said he's a bit of a prude I replied he just gave a little lough and continued it was so nice I was starting to tremble, between my legs was soaking. His hands felt so gentle as they slid over my back, I decide then if he tried for sex he could have it, me 58 him 20 loughable really, but I had got more turned on than in years, sure enough his hand slid under my arm and cuped my breast, I turned round he already had an erection he knew he had got me I looked round not many people about so I took his hand and went in to the shelter laid down opend my legs and in he slid it was heaven quickly he turned me round and took me from behind I came time after time, we had another couple of sessions before his hliday came to an end he made an old lady very happy