Written by Colin & Jade

12 Sep 2005

Jade and I have been married for a few years now, and I was her first lover. Anyway over the years I have been trying to get Jade to be more adventurous in the bedroom, but she wasn't very experienced, and when it came to "bed" I always had to make the first moves. Jade started going out with her friends, clubbing it in Manchester, I never thought anything of it. after a while she started changing the way she presented herself, her hairstyle became more stylish, as though she was about 20, she put on her makeup differently, more provocatavly, and changed her underwear, she started wearing lovely skimpy panties and G strings, hardly every bothering to wear a bra. When we was in bed one night, she started telling me she was bored with things, and wanted a change, she wanted to start having bedroom toys, and said she would like to have some sexy photos taken. This I was up for, I got the digital camera out and started to click away, then Jade suggested to me that she started to shave her fanny, never shown this sort of behaviour before, she nipped into the bathroom, when she came out 15 mins later, Wow! What a lovely sight. I went down and god It was ouzing love juice, her clit was more prominent, and we had the best sex in ages, it carried on every night that week.

Come Saturday Jade said she was off out with her mates, if I didn't mind, she was like a cat on heat all day. She got ready at teatime, then kissed me as she went off for the bus.

I never heared from Jade all night, I awoke at about 3.00 am when she usually arrived home, but no sign. Still no sign at 09.00 I was getting concerned by now, then a taxi drew up at 10.00, Jade paid the fare and came in, she looked Knackered, and her clothes were a little bedraggled! I asked where have you been all night, Jade answered she stopped at her mates as it was late. As we had a coffee Jade looked sheepish, then confessed to me she'd met this bloke, and after dancing with him in the club got persuaded back to his flat, and she couldn't resist.

Jade told me all the nitty gritty, how he coaxed her pants off, when he undressed he had a big long knob, played with her for ages, before entering he lovely fanny, and fucked her for ages making her come loads. I took Jade upstairs and we both got into bed, and I had sloppy seconds, god it made me really randy knowing that some guy had filled her with his semen just a couple of hours earlier.

Anyway the following week I persuaded Jade to fetch him back to ours, but I was supposed to be away! When they arrived home, I hid upstairs, in the spare room. Jade and her lover came upstairs, and went into our bedroom, I crept outside the door, to listen to them kissing and undressing each other, it was rather passionate, then I heared the bed springs as they both fell onto it. I could hear Jade moan as he pushed up her, he could use it as Jade made loud groans evertime she came, after awhile I got daring and opened the door slightly, and what a sight! I could see them both in the mirrored wardrobes, Jade was "Lady Jockey" Riding him like a demon, his prick sliding in all the way, then right back out to the tip, and he was quite a big boy! All of a sudden he started to groan, Jade carried on pumping it for all she was worth, until he could stand no longer.

He left after breakfast, Jade came upstairs and we had a few hours of wonderful sex. It has changed Jade, and it has done wonders for our sex life, if you have never let your wife have a fuck with someone else you have never lived