Written by 6rown6ear

10 Jan 2007

My true story happened a couple of years ago. I was away on a weekend course and staying at a lovely manor in the New Forest, Hampshire. During the course of dinner(& a few drinks) the first night, the Regional Director, a petite, reasonably attractive but no nonsense lady in her early 50s brought the conversation round to does size matter? She soon followed this up with a comment about black guys and said she had never seen a black cock except on movies.As i was the only black guy there,i was rather embarassed and more so when one of the girls noted that the director and i had keys to adjoining rooms .

After dinner we all stumbled back to our rooms.The director said good night and i was rather disappointed that i wasn't invited into her room.

About 15 minutes later, my phone rang and a rather nervous voice said, is that Tony? I said yes and she asked if i knew who it was, i said i could guess.Would you like to come round she asked, saying she had never done this sort o thing before . I didn't need to be asked twice as i checked that the coast was clear and i made my way next door.

She was in bed, in beautiful satin lingerie. I stripped to my shorts and joined her. I gave her a massage and when she felt my cock, she looked worried and said she wasn,t sure she could take it all in. I reassured her and went to town on her fragrant shaved pussy with my tongue, playing with her arse hole and gauging her reaction. She allowed my finger in her arse and pushed her pussy against my face even harder. She then gave my cock an amazing suck and licked away at my pre cum. As i then searched my pocket for condoms, she said if i was clean, she was safe and wanted me to cum inside her. I fed her my 9" cock with its large head slowly as she held her breadth for the last couple of inches and proceeded to give her a long slow deep fuck whilst fingering her arse. I have never had a woman make so much filthy noise as she came over and over again, her nails digging painfully into my arse.I shot my cum into her wet pussy then took it out for her to lick clean. The following day was business as usual. I took her anal virginity the following night and i now pop into her office from time to time to attend to her needs.