Written by Jim

6 Apr 2006

One of my best mates is Donny, known him since school and stayed friends after he got married to Jens back in 1975. Donny doesn’t know it but I fucked Jens last summer, Donny was in hospital with a hernia and as my wife Lin was away visiting her folks Jens asked me to take her to a party. I agreed as long as she wore seamed stockings, skirt that showed off stocking tops and high heels. She called me cheeky but said she would and when I called by to pick her up she had put on a sort tartan skirt, black seamed stockings and purple swade 4 inch heels. I got a big hard on, for a sixty year old lady she didn’t half look good, great figure, nice tits, great legs and ankles. I fucked her at the party then back at her place where she told me she was fucking her boss, a bloke half her age. She his is PA on a big medical research project and they were always flying off to conferences around the world in places like Tokyo and Sydney where she and boss would fuck like rabbits. I don’t blame her, she also told me she and Donny had’nt fucked in months so when she went off on another trip, to Cape Town this time, I felt sorry for Donny so suggested we went to the local All Bar One and pull some birds. We didn’t even pull the two oldies standing at the bar all night looking for younger blokes. So we went back to my place where I told Donny we could look at some porn DVDs. It was nearly midnight when we got back, the house was in darkness so guessed Lin was asleep. I dug out some Jack Daniels and ice and we got comfy wathcing the porn and uit didn’t take me that long before I had my cock out wanking, Donny following, the two of us wanking each other. I was almost about to drop my head and take Donny’s cock in my mouth when the door opened and in walked Lin. She was in her red baby doll and straight off made a big deal about us wanking each other but before we could say anything she bent forward and did what I was going to do and took Donny’s cock in her mouth. I was gobsmacked and gave Donny a look telling him top go for it. He laughed and as Lin worked his cock in and out of her mouth he wanked me harder and harder til I thought I was going to cum then he did, shooting his load in Lin’s mouth, Lin going wild trying to suck as much of his cum as possible, then she got up and kissed me, a gob ball of Donny’s cum in my mouth. Then she eased her fanny over my cock, I thought I was going to shoot but held off as she went up and down, pulling off her baby doll, Donny and me sucking on her nipples. Five minutes tops and I shot my lot inside Lin and when she got off my cum was running down her leg, se took Donny’s hand and shoved a few fingers insider her wet cunt, she wanking him up hard, sliding down on him when he was big and hard, I left her riding Donny’s cock and went upstairs. I heard the two of them moaning and shouting for about 15 minutes then one big shout from him as he shot his load inside Lin. A few minutes later I heard him shout his goodbye up the stairs and left. Well, I thought, my old mate at least you got to fuck Lin, that must have made up for Jens getting fucked by her boss in Cape Town!