Written by smithandsmith

11 Sep 2006

A very good friend of mine Dave was throwing a Fortieth birthday party at his house, a very large house with six bedrooms on three floors. My wife and I were going, along with sixty odd other people most of whom we knew. Now Dave is a good mate of mine from football who we both meet regulary with his and our kids as he is divorced. Dave has poppped up in our fantasy fucks quite a few times along with others and a few years ago, at a football do she had got quite drunk, flirted with Dave and had sat wriggling on his lap knowing he had a large hard on. And who wouldn`t she is a very attractive lady, slim, blonde with blue eyes. I was hard as fuck all night knowing she had no panties on and just a thin little dress between her and his roaming hands. When she had said it was time to go because the baby sitter would be waiting, I suggested we all go back to ours for a threesome. we grabbed our coats and walked through the masses of people but when me and my wife got outside Dave had not followed because he thought I had been joking. ah well is loss she said, we went home and fucked like rabbits.

I had had a word later with him and he was gutted so we went back another night after the pub, just to see her reaction we chatted politely but I knew there was no way she would. I slipped Dave a video we had done together (fucking and her dressed to kill then stripping with some great naked pussy shots) he was obviously sworn not show anyone else though there were no face shots on it. when we went to bed I told her I had given him the video and she said she knew, I felt her pussy and it was wet through, we had one hell of an horny fuck with her telling me she wanted to suck and fuck us both.

Things died down and nothing was mentioned again because she got had cold feet and did not want to spoil our friendship, she played a game of avoidance for ages and would make any excuse not to be at a party or pub when Dave was there. When we met with the kids you could see his eyes all over her arse and tits whenever he got the opertunity, very occasionly she could not resist flashing her knickers, just for me she would say later.

With the party looming she knew she wuld be drinking and more than likely Dave would start flirting with her knowing I had given him a green light, she was becoming more and more horny in bed. When she asked me what should we get him for his birthday I said without hesitation it should be her. She laughed and said no way it is not going to happen espcially with a house full of people but I knew She was horny as fuck.

On the night of the party we had the kids shipped off to her mums for the night. she took ages getting ready I was chomping at the bit to get a drink and was getting annoyed at waiting, but fuck when she came down the stairs she looked stunning. A short black dress (one I had not seen before), I could just see her black thong from the bottom of the stairs. Down she came and up went my cock, she was dressed to fuck and looked wonderful though with what she had on I still couldn`t think why it had taken her so long.

We met a few other couples in the pub before going to the party and all eyes were on my wife as she moved around chatting and laughing. We were all getting quite tipsy when we reached the party and met Dave at the door, after putting his eyes back in we wished him happy birthday, she kissed him on cheek and I left him chatting to her as I went and chatted with another couple. She joined me later and told me Dave loved the dress and had asked if it was the same one from the video, to which she had replied it was. I was gob smacked and had not even realised. I told her she was a fucking horny teasing bitch and I wanted to take her upstairs that instance, she laughed and said maybe later and off she went chatting to other friends.

I found myself chatting to a few lads in a corner of the lounge, one which had a good view of the kitchen and stairs. She was still chatting to other friends when Dave came over to me and said how hot she looked and laughed he had seen that dress before. We laughed when I said I had not because he still had my video, he said it was nearly worn out now with the amount of wanking he done over it. He then went on about regretting not following us out that night. I told him she might up for it tonight if he was lucky, I told to try is luck and see.

He was over like a shot they were laughing and chatting away for ages, He looked over a few times and I gave him the thumbs up. I did not know what they were talking about but could see his hand on her arse as he talking in her ear because of the loud music. everybody else was oblivous to what was going on and were getting quite pissed and merry. One of my mates wifes came over and asked me to dance to which was great and as was being a bafoon on the dance floor forgot all about my wife and Dave for a while.

When I had finished I looked around and they could not be seen, I tried the kitchen chatting as I went, then garden, nothing. I made my way upstairs and was met by a few people coming from the first floor toilets, I slowly opened the bedroom doors but nothing. The stairs to the third floor had a kiddy gate and a note on saying "kids asleep", I thought his kids are at his ex wifes so up I went slowly and quitley.

There were two more bedrooms on this floor which I again checked this floor was deserted but with the music no way kids would sleep. lastly there was the atic bedroom, up I went my heart was racing as slowly climbed the stairs, the music was still noisey from down stairs but I could here slight moaning noises from the actic bedroom. I slowly pushed the door so I could just see inside and ther they were, she was on her knees in front of him sucking his cock whilst was fishing out her tits. The moaning was coming from our vidoe playing in the TV. He was whatching my wife being fucked on the video by me as she sucked his cock.

It did not take him long to push her dress down her chest to reveal her tits which he started to rub his cock on as she wanked him. My cock was in my hand and wanking slowly as I whatched them, I heard her say he will love this when he sees it. It was then I saw the cam corder, just behind them but getting a very good shot of her sucking his cock. The bastard had planned this.

She stood up and peeled of her dress, he pulled at his own clothes as they then fell on the bed. now the video cam was not getting the best view and neither was I. I thought fuck it and walked straight in, they both jump up startled then giggled when they saw it was me. She said to Dave I thought you locked the door.I said you dirty bastards sneaking off, we laughed and I said carry on with what you were doing, she grinned at me and pushed Dave off, she came over to me and kneeled in fornt of me, said sorry then started to suck my cock. Dave then positioned the video behind her and removed her thong, he said what a beuatiful shaven pussy she had as he stroke it and that he did not recognise it from the trimmed one on the video, (thats what she was doing getting ready) he then started to finger her pussy. She pushed her arse back onto his hand, I could hear her pussy squelching as he worked four fingers into her. He then burried his head into her arse she told me later he new what he was doing as he was licking her asrse fingering her at the same time. She was sucking like mad on my cock and I told Dave to fuck her, he did not hesitate he got up and slammed his his cocked right up. I came on seeing this and she swallowed every drop, Dave was pumping like mad and came soon after, pulling his cock out her he came all over her arse and pussy. She turned round and took Daves cock in her mouth and sucked him clean as I fingered her arse.

We got dressed afterwards and went back down to the party seperatley, the night was still young and we would finish off when everybody had gone.