Written by filkay

18 Sep 2004

I want to tell you about Brenda, my mates ex-girlfriend. When they were together he often told me about what a dirty bitch she is and about her shaven fanny and what she likes to do etc. About a month after they split up I was driving along in the pouring rain when I saw her at a bus stop, obviously just finished work but laden down with bags of shopping. Portsmouth is a small city so being a good samaritan I stopped and offered her a lift which she accepted. When we got to her place I helped her in with the shopping but it was raining so hard I got soaked. She invited me in for a cuppa and to dry out a bit so I accepted the offer. We got talking about Clive and why they split up and she told me he was not only useless around the house and with money but also crap in the sack. I told her he used to tell me about what they had got up to and that he said they had a good sex life to which she just laughed and said the only good fucking she had when they were together is one he wasn’t involved in. The talk went on a while then I had to go. As I went to walk out the door she stood very close to me and I imagined how I would fuck her. I lean forward to give her a peck on the cheek but she turned her mouth towards mine and kissed me back, the kiss lingered a little longer than it should have but it was obvious we both enjoyed it, so I leaned in again and this time our mouths opened and we were kissing each other. My hands felt around her waist and pulled her closer to me so she responded by putting her arms around my neck and pulling me down to her. I moved my right hand around to her breast and started rubbing my thumb over her nipple which started going hard. Then I used my other hand to start undoing her white blouse. When I got all the buttons undone I started kissing her by the ear and moved slowly down her neck. Her blouse was undone and her lacy bra was showing. I kissed her all the way down to her small but perfect breast, then I reached around her and slipped her blouse off her shoulders and down her arms. I followed this by slipping her bra straps over her shoulders and pulling it down so I could see those breasts and kiss them. I took her left nipple in my mouth and started nibbling softly on it whilst playing with the other nipple between my forefinger and thumb. She leant back to push her tits out so I could get a better angle to feel them. I reached down to her skirt and pushed my hand from her knee up her leg. My already raging cock got even harder when I got to the top of a stocking, I stroked my way along the flesh and felt a pair of silky panties which I easily got my fingers inside to find a lovely shaven fanny. A finger slipped inside easily and she started moaning and reaching down to the bulge in my trousers. My cock almost broke through when she found it and started rubbing me. She pulled away from me so my hand came away from her fanny and her tits away from my hand and mouth, we started kissing again and then she used both hands to reach down to my trousers and start undoing them. My cock leapt out and she took it in both hands and started wanking me off. She stopped and told me to join her on the sofa so we could be more comfortable, so I sat down. She knelt in front of me and pulled my trousers and shoes off then started paying attention to my cock again. She said ‘This is what Clive must have been on about’ and took me in her mouth. Both hands were on my cock and she was taking almost the whole length. She pulled my foreskin back and started licking all around my exposed cock, and oh so gently scraping her teeth on it. Then she tried putting her tongue inside my japs eye. This drove me wild and my cock started throbbing. She took me in her mouth again and started moving her head up and down with one hand on my cock and the other playing with my balls. One of her fingers went to my arsehole and pushed in a little way, at this I could hold back no more and I shot my load in her mouth. She didn’t even break stride, she kept on sucking and flicking her tongue about and she swallowed the lot, then she licked my cock clean. When she finished she said to me ‘Wait there a minute’ and went upstairs.

I re-arranged myself and put my still throbbing cock away when she called out to me to come upstairs for a minute. I went up and found her bedroom, she was laying on the bed, skirt around her waist, knickers around one ankle, stockings still on and a rampant rabbit deep inside her. She was breathing heavily and about to come so I took the rabbit from her and switched it off. I sat on the bed in front of her and starting at her foot kissed her leg all the way to her neatly trimmed fanny. I sucked on her clit for a few minutes, my tongue darting in and out teasing her, I pushed my tongue inside her and could taste my own come but it didn’t matter, all I wanted was to satisfy this woman the way she had satisfied me. I undone my trousers and took them off then moved up kissing and licking her belly until I got to her tits. I took one in my mouth and again started nibbling at her nipple, but this time I was holding my cock. I pushed it against her fanny and started rubbing her clit with the end of my cock. She was rolling her head from side to side and moaning loudly, she wrapped her legs around me so I stopped teasing her and slipped my whole length inside. I pushed her knees up, they were by her ears so I could get a deeper penetration and she responded by bucking and writhing underneath me. In this position my strokes were long so I could really fuck her hard. She loved it and came up to meet each stroke so it seemed the whole world was moving with us. Her breathing got heavier, she started moaning louder, she was scratching my back and pulling at everything she could get hold of. It was only about two minutes but she lost control completely and screamed for all she was worth. I came with her, this time sending floods of hot spunk inside her beautiful fanny. We lay down next to each other catching our breath. After a minute or so she said, ‘Now that’s what I call a good fucking’. Unfortunately, as I said, I only imagined it.