Written by jon

17 Feb 2005

My friend joined the navy about 6 months ago and for his leaving party we all went to his house for a bbq and a drink. His mum, sister and some of his relatives where there so we all started to drink and play silly games. Now i've always had a thing for his mum as she is a very sexy 45 yr old and she is divorced. Well as the night drew on my friend went to bed as he could hardly walk and so it ended up just me and his mum sitting there drinking red wine and watching late night tv. I then decided to flick it to channel 5 as i had looked at the tv guide earlier that day and knew a erotic thriller was on. I turned it over only to be greeted by the sight of two naked bodies. To be honest my bottle went and i imediatly turned it over, to wich his mum asked if i was gay. 'No' i replied and she laughed and asked why i'd turned it back again. I just said that it was a bit graphic and i wasn't sure she would like it. She just smiled and said she would be back in a moment. By know i felt a right prat as my pathetic plan had backfired, however, i was soon proved wrong on that one as she returned holding a dvd. 'do you think you can handle this' she said, and showed me the dvd wich was hardcore porn. I just gulped and said 'ye sure', Oh god i couldn't beleive this was hapening. I was about to watch porn with a sexy woman who i have been masterbating to for the last 5 years. My heart was pumping as she put it on and sat on the couch next to me. After about 2mins of it being on i was rock hard and i did't try to hide it either as i wanted her to know what i wanted. She took my hand and whispered in my ear that what happend tonight would stay in tonight. I couldn't beleive what was happening as she placed my trembling hand onto her inner thigh and slowly worked it up onto her soaked white panties. I started to rub her and could feel her getting excited as she undid my fly and took out my hard cock. I was so horny i took control and put my hand on her head before pushing her head down to my cock. She wasted no time and sucked me hard and with expertise untill i just couldn't hold on as she asked me to cum in her mouth and i let my creamy spunk shoot to the back of her throat. I had just cum but i was by no means finished as i imediatly lifted up her skirt and burried my face into her swollen pussy. I licked and fingered her as she grabbed my hair with excitment before climaxing and releasing her love juices over my tounge.

By now i was rock hard again and so she stood up and bent over on the couch. I came up behind her and entered her shaven pussy as she moaned and slid back onto my throbbing cock. I started to fuck her hard and she moaned more and more. Then she asked me to finger her ass wich i did untill she orderd me in her own words to 'take your dick out of me and shove it up my tight asshole' I was lovin it and promptly obeyed her request. i was deep inside her and thrusting hard when i started to feel myself getting to climax, i asked her what she wanted and she told me to pull out of her. i did. Then she told me she wanted me to cum onto her tits and face. This made me want to explode and so with a few trusts of my hand i shot all my spunk over her as it driped off her chin and onto her massive tits.

In the aftermath i got a shower and thought that was that as i went to sleep in his sisters bed seeing as she was staying out, however, about 2 am i was awoken by the feeling of someone lying next to me. I opend my eyes and saw his sister lying there in just knickers. 'sorry' i said 'your mum said it was ok coz you were staying out' She just looked at me with glazed eyes and kissed me. WOW. i just smiled cheekly and proceeded to fuck her brains out. oh what a night.