Written by gosso

18 Dec 2006

I live in a small village in Cumbria. It’s a friendly village where everyone knows you. My neighbours, a husband and wife in early sixties, are very friendly with me and come round for a drink quite often.

Pete and I were sitting around the fireplace one evening and he confessed to me that he had not made love to his wife in the last two years due to his erection problem. It was his 35th wedding anniversary and he wanted too give his wife a present she would never forget. He asked me if I would fuck his wife that Friday evening and I agreed.

She was a very good looking lady for her age and always dressed very classy. Pete asked me what she needs to wear on the big night and I told him some heels and stockings would do. He told me he would blind fold her so she would not know who was fucking her.....I walked around with a huge erection all week and then Friday came.

I had two large glasses of wine and strolled next door. Pete opened the door holding his finger to his mouth. He shook my hand and showed me the way up the stairs to the bedroom. I opened the door and Claire was lying on the bed, blind folded, wearing some really sexy stockings and heels.

I noticed a tripod with a video camera on it and a selection of dildos and vibrators on the bedside cabinet. Pete told me to strip and switched the video camera on.

I slowly made my way onto the bed and started stroking Claire's legs. They felt so good covered in sheer nylon. I started kissing her legs and made my way to her shaven pussy. She lifted her pussy towards my mouth and I obliged by sucking her clit. She started moaning and I could taste her juices. I grabbed a dildo and slid it into her wet pussy, she grabbed the end and started to fuck her cunt real hard. You could tell she was real horny. I knelt over her face and touched her mouth with my cock, she opened and started sucking my cock. I looked over my shoulder and saw Pete filming the show. Claire's body started jerking as she had her first orgasm. She fucked herself real hard with the dildo. I turned her over and made her stand on her hands and knees. I slowly kissed her bum cheeks and then ran my tongue over her anus. It pulled tight and she moaned. I was not sure if she had been fucked in the ass before but tonight was her lucky night.

I grabbed a small dildo and lubed it well and slid it into her ass. She whimpered but then started pushing hard against it. She pulled the large dildo from her pussy and gave it to me. I slid this monster into her ass and she moaned and bucked. I pulled it out and slid my cock in her ass. Her ass was so tight and she was fucking my cock like a wild animal. I reached for her breasts and played with her nipple. I could feel her hand rubbing her pussy and rubbing my balls. I was ready to shoot my load and filled her tight ass to the brim with cum. She had two orgasms before I shot my load. I pulled out and she licked and sucked my cock till it was clean. We lay there for a few minutes while she played with my cock. She then got onto my cock and rode it. This wild sex went on till the early hours of the morning. Not a word was said........