Written by young buck

27 Feb 2006

I'm 28, 6 feet tall with a lean muscular build. I am very well endowed and am constantly horny. I have no problem getting my share of women to fuck, but this was one of the best fucks i have ever had. My mother is 49 and hot and she has a number of hot girlfriends her age.

Last week her friend Judy came by for coffee but my mother was out shopping. I told her she could come in and wait which she gladly did. She was ogling me as I was wearing a short black silky kimono robe. Judy is 48, tall slim with long jet black hair and very striking features and dark skin. She was wearing a flimsy white tank top through which her nipples were clearly visible, along with a short black satiny miniskirt.

I was extremely aroused by her and she obviously was by me because as she came in she asked me if I was wearing anything under my kimono, to which I playfully responded that she was welcome to find out. She didn't waste any time pulling the drawstring and my kimono fell open revealing my huge erect cock at which she gasped and said that it had been a very long time since she had seen such a big cock.

She began to stroke my cock with her soft hands making me moan with intense pleasure. I pulled her closer and kissed her, our tongues entwining. I put my hands behind her back and grabbed the bottom of her flimsy top and pulled up over her head and off revealing a pair of firm perky breasts with long hard nipples. As she stroked my cock I put my head down and began to lick and suck on her nipples and ran my hands under her skirt to feel her naked and obviously very clean shaven juicy hot pussy lips. We both moaned with the pleasure of each other touch and soon reached the point of no return.

I backed her into our small den and pushed her down on the sofa. I got down on my knees and spread her legs apart. Her naked pussy was nice and pink and glistening with her juices. I began to tease her hard little clit with the tip of my tongue and to finger her hot wet pussy. She moaned and began to buck to increase the intensity of my licking and rubbing. I teased her several times to the brink of orgasm but wouldn't let her cum and she screamed for me to fuck her and get her off. She was becoming desperate.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I stood up and lifted her sexy legs over my shoulders and guided my huge cock slowly into her steaming pussy. I began to slowly pump her pussy while held her down with one arm and began to thumb her clit with the other. She was bucking like a wild bronco wanting desperately to make her cum.

At last I started to pump her pussy like a stallion stretching her pussy lips with my long thick cock while I furiously massaged her clit with my thumb.

Within seconds she came hard with a screaming orgasm for what seemed like 5 minutes. She was coming in waves her body throbbing with multiple orgasms. Soon after I shot my huge load of cum deep into her pussy and had the best orgasm I have ever experienced.

As our bodies relaxed and our heavy breathing slowed down, I turned slightly and noticed my mother at the corner of the doorway. She had been watching us the whole time and was obviously masturbating herself. What an incredible turn on. Needless to say I see Judy regularly for the most incredible sexual satisfaction.