Written by Single Sara

18 Jul 2005

At the time this happened my mother was 48 years old, I was 36. Mum Had been a widow for three years, I had been divorced for four. Dad's death had hit Mum hard and she couldn't stand being in the house alone all the time, so she found herself a job, it was as a secretary in a big branch of a national model shop chain. As her only child, and a daughter at that, we had always been very close and could talk about anything. I knew, for instance, that she and my Dad had always had a very active sex life and it didn't surprise me that she let herself go a bit. She knew the same about me, in fact she claimed that all the women in our family had a high sex drive. Sex with my husband had been great, until I discovered that I was sharing it with other women, so out he went.

I had become used I suppose to Mum's rather dowdy appearance so it came as some surprise when I came to realise that over the past few months she had changed. She looked much more like her old self, took care of her appearance, wore smarter clothes and was much more vivacious. I didn't know how long she'd been this way just that one day I suddenly realised it. That weekend I went over on the Saturday morning as I usually did and mentioned what I had noticed, she laughed. As I said, we could talk about anything so I didn't have the usual hang-up over my parents having sex. So when she said that she had a lover I took it in my stride. "Tell me," I said.

"Well, it's no great romance, dear. I missed having sex awfully when Dad died, I used to fantasise when I was lying in bed alone and, you know, I sort of tried to make up for it myself. But it's not the same, is it? Then one day a new rep came in, Dave wasn't there so I stood chatting to him for a few minutes. Well, I only had to look at him for a couple of minutes and it got me going! Anyway he must have felt the same way because after he had seen Dave he came back up to my office and asked me out to dinner! Of course I said yes! I felt so excited, just like some silly schoolgirl! he came and picked me up and we had a lovely meal and afterwards he took me home. I invited him in for a coffee and he accepted."

"What's he like Mum?"

"Well, he's no spring chicken, he's 42, but youthful looking and well set-up physically. Good looking and nice to be with, I really fell for him. That first night he just left me with a kiss, I felt all trembly and aroused. I'll be perfectly honest Sara, I went straight to bed and did myself!"

I laughed, "But it didn't end there obviously?"

"Oh no. He phoned the next day and I arranged to meet him at the weekend. He's single, a widower, so the way I felt when I asked him in for coffee that night, he didn't go home. I tell you Sara he's every woman's dream lover, well endowed and knows how to pleasure a woman, it was a revelation. I was always very happy making love with your father but this was a totally different experience. I expect you know that size does make a difference, but I'd had big ones before. No it was how he used it, and other things. The first time lasted threequarters of an hour, I'd never had a man last that long in me before. But that was only the first time, the next was well over an hour! After that he seemed to be doing me all the time, it was fabulous! I'd never climaxed through intercourse before but that night I never stopped, and you ought to feel what he's like when he comes, it's like a firehose!"

I laughed again, "Looks like you've dropped lucky then Mum, I'm so pleased for you."

We went on talking about our love lives and at some time she said, "Of course I don't kid myself, he's an eye for the ladies and I don't suppose for one moment I'm the only one he shags. Not that I mind because now he's aroused me again, if I get the chance I wouldn't mind a bit of variety. I was faithful to your father all those years, but I hadn't forgotten how nice it was to play the field before I met him."

Several times after our initial conversation Mum put me off coming over at weekends so I knew what she was doing, I was glad for her. I had my own love-life to live and at that time I was sleeping with two men. I liked both of them and enjoyed the sex they provided. Then one day Mum rang me up and said, "Would you like to come over Saturday evening Sara? I'd like you to meet Ben and I'm sure he'd love to meet you."

I tarted myself up a bit that eveing and drove over in time for dinner. Ben was every bit as charming as Mum had said, and she was right about him being a ladies man, he mentally undressed me inside the first five minutes. Not that I minded, I don't mind any man appreciating what I have to offer. "I must say," Ben said, "there's no doubting whose daughter you are. Just as beautiful and just as great a figure! Fancy me spending an evening in the company of two such stunning ladies!" We had a good evening and it was obvious what was going to happen as soon as I left.

The following lunch time Mum rang me, "Well, what did you think?"

I said, "I think you were dead right, obviously I can't talk about him as a lover but he obviously is on the lookout for the main chance!"

Mum laughed, "Oh yes, he told me how much he'd like to shag you! Said it had always been an ambition to fuck a mother and daughter! I told him I wouldn't mind and I thought that you wouldn't either."

"No, well you're right there. Tell me, you said that he's well endowed? Exactly how big is he?"

"Actually, darling it's not so much the length, although he's a good eight inches, it's how thick it is. It's thicker than any cucumber I've ever bought and it's that that does the trick for me, I've never had a man in constant contact with my clit the way he is, brings me off every time, it's wonderful."

"If that's the case, and you are offering him, I think I'll take you up on it."

"I thought you would, next weekend, Sara darling. We'll go out for dinner Friday night and make a weekend of it, if he can satisfy the two of us then he's a man indeed!"

Watch out for the next instalment!