Written by Jack_London

14 Sep 2004

Last month I was on the train travelling to work, the usuall underground crush. I noticed an older guy looking at me from the end of the carriage, I kept noticing him. he must of been around 50 with greyish hair. As more people got on the train the guy came closer towards me, and after five stops we were standing facing each other about six inches apart.

Suddenly the train jolted and the guy fell against me, his hands on my shoulders. i held myself upright and steadied the guy, to my suprise I could feel a hard bulge in his trousers, he realised I knew and flashed me a smile. Instantly my cock started to harden.

I dont call myself gay or even bi but I have to admit I was so turned on by the way this older guy had eyed me up. we couldnt take our eyes off each other and when he stepped off the tube I quickly followed.

'follow me' he said, and I did. we left the station and jumped into a cab. 'we're going back to mine' he added. Good, I didnt fancy work anyway. Id had a massive row with the wife in the morning and this was what I needed to pick me up.

We got to his house and went in. He told me his wife was at work all day and again flashed me a smile. we sat on his sofa, I didnt really know what to do. Then I felt his hand stroking my leg, moving up to my crotch. I stared at him as he kissed me. Jesus! i couldn't believe a guy was kissing me as I opened my mouth so we could lick each others tounges. I felt him unzip my trousers and pull my cock out. This was the most horny thing that I had ever encountered. He slowly started to wank me off, I didn't last long. Creamy spunk covered his hand as my cock went limp. we continued snogging.

He then stood up and invited me upstairs to his bed. We walked into the room with the large bed in the corner, a picture of his wife next to it. we stripped off together and slipped under the quilt. I felt his hard cock against mine and I couldnt wait to taste him.

Making my way down along his body I saw the tip of his cock, 8 inches uncut, I kissed the head and licked at the pre cum before opening my mouth to take him. I started slowly enjoying every second. then I felt his legs tighten and I knew what was coming. the spunk burst into my mouth and I swallowed every last drop. It wasn't how I thought it would taste, in fact it was quite nice.

we spent the rest of the day sucking each other, wanking, kissing and licking. We feel asleep about two in the afternoon and as soon as we woke we were wanking each other off.

I left about five determined to go back as often as possible.