Written by Tony, Marie and Danni

28 Mar 2004

I gave up my night-club business recently on my 60th birthday to enjoy my wealth, get married and to beget an heir. Now I have a wife called Marie who is 35 years my junior. I met her when she was working for a charity I subscribed to and fell for her straight away. There was nothing remarkable about her. She was dressed simply in a sleeveless top, green skirt and orange shoes. Her complexion was fresh and her long legs unstockinged. She had this virginal aura about her which I had not come across in my many affairs with women over the years. Although I had worn well and was still slim I believe it was my money which attracted her though she never admitted this. Anyway we married a month after our first meeting.

Our wedding night was a gentle affair. We made love silently. She was as fresh as a daisy with the finest fanny I had ever experienced but whether she climaxed or not she wouldn't say. Her skin was so tender that she insisted on me always shaving before we went to bed.

After 3 months of nightly intercourse she was still not pregnant. I arranged to see my friend, Ted, a sexual therapist and also underwent a test on my sperm count. The latter was a bit low. Ted's advice was for me to keep trying and to get in a virile young lodger as in his experience the stimulation of a younger male often did the trick.

I told Marie about the joke but she took it seriously. She confessed to me that she had a lover called Danny whom she had known for over five years since leaving University and whom she visited weekly. She persuaded me to let Danny stay with us. This was an unusual request but I was so besotted by her that I agreed I would heve given her the moon if it had been in my power to do so.

Marie fixed up Danny's room with a large double bed. She wanted me to get acquainted with her friend and proposed a threesome on the first night of Danny's arrival. Marie made me take off all my clothes' put on a blindfold and wait for them to get into Danny's bed with me. Danny arrived. They came quietly up the stairs not talking and crept into bed beside me. Marie was on my left. I could tell by her delightful odour emanating from her armpits and velvet cup. Then I felt a soft hand fumbling my bum. "What the hell " I expostulated making it clear I was straight. A hand pulled off my mask and next to me was a lovely young girl around Marie's age. Marie had persuaded Danni a lesbian to indulge in sex with a man after telling her about all the orgasms she had experienced with me. This bit of news made me as hard and stiff as a poker. Danny mounted my cock. She was as soft and supple as my wife. We seemed to take ages before climaxng in screams and moans. Later after a session between the two girls I made love to Marie. It was the best night of my 60 years.

A month afterwards Marie was pregnant. I went and told Ted saying I had taken his advice by getting a young lodger. "What did I tell you I knew it would work."

"The only problem " I said " is she is pregnant also!"