Written by Horny chick

16 Sep 2003

Last night was very weird for me and today im feeling lost not really knowing what to do with myself and thinking which way do I turn now.

Well I promised my boyfriend I would make his dream come true by sleeping with Carl and I new Carl wanted me badly so all was arranged.

I met my boyfriend outside Carls house and before we knocked his door we waited outside and kissed for a while and he asked me if I was sure I wanted this I was very sure, so boyfriend rang Carls door bell, a minute later he finally answered and we went inside. We sat and talked for about half an hour about nothing important when I received a text on my mobile from C she wanted to no where I was. I text back and told her at Carls she then text back and asked if she could come round, I didnt really want her to because she so open and flirty I new she would take all the lime light away from me, my boyfriend asked who it was texting and I said C, he was happy for her to come round so I told her to come.

Ten minutes later she arrived in tow with her mate Sara who was the worlds biggest flirt, but pretty and sexy, she was slim with small firm tits, they both had skimpy shorts on and both were wearing skimpy tops you could see that they werent wearing bras either. My boyfriend couldnt keep his eyes of them both which annoyed me at first. then Sara asked where the bedroom was, Carl got up and said I will show you, they disapeared for a few minutes then Carl returned and took my hand and led me into the bedroom, Sara was lieing on the bed naked, this was the first time I had seem her like this, she was sexy and her tits were round and firm she also had a shaven pussy.

I felt embarresed because I didnt really no Sara that well, she told me to go and lie next to her, Carl then left the room. I sat on the bed and she started to kiss my neck her hands were all over me, she then took my hand and put it between her legs and made me rub her clit, I rubbed her for a while with my finger tips very gently then I started to finger her she was so wet, she then told me to take my clothes of which I happily did and we lay togehter on the bed, thats when things got going, ~Sara and I were really getting down to it, kissing each others bodys and exploring each other, i sucked on her lovley tits for ages, she was moaning and told me to keep sucking her nipples because it will make her come, I had my arse up in the air sucking hard on her tits, when I felt a warm soft hand go between my legs the hand started rubbing my wet pussy and finger fucking me hard, I then new that Sara was coming she let out a scream and shouted "fuck me fuck me im coming" I licked her tight hole with my tongue and tasted her juices, I knelt up and realised the hand belonged to a naked C she was fingering me then had both hands on my tits from behind, Sara then got a vibrator from the side of the bed and put it inside me and started to fuck me with it, it felt so good I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter until I come all over the vibrator.

We then sat on the bed and talked C was still horny when she asked Sara and I to fuck her, I felt tired and Sara said she did to, but Sara said she fancied me more than C. C then shouted out to my boyfriend and Carl in the other room to come and relieve her, she lay on the bed with her legs open and in came Carl and my boyfriend both naked with there cocks gleaming, this I couldnt understand, who had they been fucking, I new it wasnt C she had been playing with me.

they both went down on C both licking her pussy and playing with her clit they then took it in turns to fuck her in her pussy and her arse she was loving it, Sara lay on the bed and played with my tits, I watched my boyfriend fuck see for the second time, he was giving it her from behind really fast and hard while Carl was on his back with his cock in Cs mouth, he then come all over her face and my boyfriend pulled his cock out of C and come all over her arse and rubbing it in. C then knelt up got the vibrator and put it in her pussy, Carl was still lay on his back watching C fuck herself, my boyfriend then started to suck Carls cock and Sara joined him. I was so shocked I never realised at all that my boyfriend was like that.

C come on the vibrator and Carl come in Saras mouth my boyfreind carried on wanking his cock and come all over Carls stomach with Sara and C licking it all up.

I quickly got dressed and left them all to it.