Written by Steve

3 Apr 2006

I had moved away from my home town several years ago, but still go back from time to time as I work in sales and have several customers in the area.

Last week I visited one of my clients and had asked my friends if I could stay over there's as it was a long drive home. I finished my work around three in the afternoon and made my way to Paul and Nicky's house. Nicky was standing in the kitchen when i came through the back gate. She hadn't seen me. I stood there for a moment soaking in her looks. Dark hair, piercing blue eyes, lovely firm breasts, slim waist, rounded hips and peachy arse. I've had many fantasy's about her in the past. I then walked in through the backdoor and she turned, seeing it was me, skipped over and put her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss. Placing my hands on her hips we then hugged. I can remember thinking how gorgeous her body felt to my touch. She then looked at me and smiled. I could tell she knew what I was thinking. We spoke for a while over a cup of tea. Catching up on things. I asked her what time Paul was home, she said not until 11pm, he was working the late shift. Nicky then opened a bottle of red wine and we drank two more after that. It was around 7.30pm and we was both a wee bit drunk. As usual Nicky started filting with me but this time there was one difference. Paul wasn't around!!! Around 8pm Nicky got up and said she was going for a shower and that she would show to the room i'd be staying in. I grabbed my bags and followed her upstairs. I couldn't help watch her gorgeous arse as it wiggled its way up the stairs. She walked into the room I was staying in telling me to make myself at home. She then walked into her room. About 20 seconds later i walked across the landing to ask her if she had a towel i could use when i had my shower. I was just about to knock on the door when i noticed the door ajar. I looked through and could see her in the bedroom mirror getting undressed. She released the catch to her bra and let it drop to the floor, then she slipped her two thumbs in either side of her tiny panties and slid them down her thighs. Bending over to pick them up. WOW! What a body. She then stood upright and brushed her hand over her left breast and pinched it, pulling on it. Her hand then went between her legs and she slipped her finger inside. She gently moaned. I could feel my cock begin to stir. Nicky then grabbed her bath robe and walked out of her bedroom. Stunned, I just stood there. She passed me and just as she was about to close the bathroom door behind her she turned and smiled. It was a smile that told me she knew I'd been watching her. I walked into my room not knowing what to do or think. About ten minutes later I heard her come out of the bathroom and into her room. I then went and had a shower. Whilst under the warm water I couldn't help giving myself and a quick wank, thinking about fucking Nicky. I finished washing my body and stepped out of the shower. I could hear Nicky's hairdryer going. I had a shave. Then made my way to my room. I layed on the bed with a towel wrapped around my waist. I was daydreaming for a while when Nicky called out to me and asked her to help her with something. I walked into the room, Nicky was lying on the bed, dressed in a black silk bra and panties to match. Finished off with suspenders. This was a pleasant surpise!!! What shocked me though that at the end of the bed was positioned a camera sat on a tripod. Seeing the look on my face, Nicky asked me to switch on the TV and press play on the DVD. She then asked me to sit on the bed and watch. I couldn't believe my eyes. Paul and Nicky were on the film with another guy. Nicky was screaming her head off as she rode Paul's cock and some guy was fucking her arse from behind. Shocked I looked at Nicky! She edged her way across the bed and told to carry on watching whilst she explained. She said that she just needed cock all the time and that Paul encouraged her to fuck who she wished and that sometimes joined in. As I watched the film Nicky began to rub my hardening dick through the towel i had rapped around me. She said that she had wanted to fuck with me for years but wasn't sure if i'd risk my friendship with Paul, but now it didn't matter as Paul was aware that she was doing that night. She said that if we still had the energy later Paul would be joining us! I couldn't believe this was happening. She then climbed of the bed and walked over to the camera, took it off the tripod and handed it to me. She then told me that she was my slut and she'd do exactly as i wished. I took the camera and ordered her to start fondling herself...