Written by Happy T

13 Oct 2006

It was my wife Jans 40th birthday and to celebrate we whent on a cheap hol to Gran Canaria.

Jan is 5'4" niceshape and only goes topless on hols abroad and never gets undressed without the curtains closed,she was brought up to be proper.

On our first night 3 girls in thier early twenties asked how we were and gave us the low down on where to go for the best nights,not really our scene said Jan to Jade a big cockney girl about 5'8" and abit plumpish wit massive boobs.

The other two Sal and Dee said to her your on holiday try something new and when I said it was Jans birthday they said right youve got to have a drink with us tonight and bought a round of drinks giving Jan a BMW which was what they were drinking.

Jan tried to get out of it but they insisted and when 4 jordie lads who they knew tured up they persuaded us to join them but as they were young and rowdy I wasn't sure my self.

Jan nomally splits a bottle of wie with me and might have the odd vodka but no more however she was now on about her sixth BMW and it showed as her speach was getting fast and slirred like Ive never seen in 19 years of marrige.

The DJ started playing some 70s disco music and Jade dragged Jan onto the dance floor with the other two girls.

After a couple of dances and a lot of girly gigles Jan came back and told me the girls were going to dress her like a twety year old on her birthday and not the white summer dress she had on,ok I said and off they whent leaving me sipping whisky at the bar.

About half an hour later I heard gigles and they walked in with Jan in a very loose crop top a skirt like a belt with what looked like a white thong.

Jan is always conservative in her dress and as she asked me what I thought I said great but are you all right,Great she replied and ordered a round of BMWs as she skipped on the dance floor with the girls.

YMCA started up and as Jans arms whent up all her breasts showed as the top rose up much to the cheers of the jordie lads and the girls.

Jans got nice tits 36d but never showed them like this before and as if egged on by the cheers she raised her hands again flashingthem for ages and doing a twirl giving the DJ a good eyefull.

I glanced round the room and ther was only two tables of others there 2 young couples and 3 lads about mid tweties.

I heard another cheer and looking back Jade had moved behind Jan and was moving with her quite seductively.

Jans favourite came on then the Mavericks and as if on cue the four girls formed a line with Jade at the back of Jan and Dee and Sal facing her.

I had a tray of drinks but had to put them down as Jade put her hands on Jans waist the slipped her hands up to cup Jans tits and Jan didnt flinch she just lay her head back and on Jades shoulder and shut her eyes.

The lads cheered and the lads off the other table moved to get a better view.

Jade then lifted her arms up and lifted Jans top at the same time as Jan lifted her arns and the top was off and thrown to the Jordies leaving Jan topless eyes closed and Jades hans pinching her nipples.

I didnt move just wathched in disbelief as Dee moved in and licked Jans nipples which were now massive and as she did Jade had unclipped the skirt and it dropped to the floor leaving Janin the tiniest thongand a pair of high heels being licked and fondled by two girls and I was as hard as hell seeing the lads ogling her.

More shouted the Jordie and to my amazement Jade pulled back leaving Jan swaing with Dee and she slipped out of the black bra top she had on showing her massive tanned tits and levelled nipples turning Jan to her as she moved forward, whos eyes were now open and looking glazed then she cradled Jans head between her tits which were glitening with sweat.

Dee the moved her hand to Jans hips and slipped her right hand in to the thong right onto Jans Fanny lips and as you saw the knuckles bulge through the thong Jan let out a yelp.

Jade the took Jans head in her hands and kissed her and their mouths and tounges were obviously exploring each others.

Dee then pulled Jans thong off and the guys who had been quite quiet let out a roar of approval.

Jan didnt flinch and as Jade turned her for all to see her Bikini trimmed fanny lip were parted by Dee who had kneeled

In front of her .

My prim wife was standing naked infront of lads she had never met before and putting on a lesbian show with girls she had just met.