Written by Gerry

12 Feb 2006

Thought yoru readers might like to hear about my wife Sheila experience today at a party held by some of our friends, a couple who swing but not all the couples at the party do, there was about two dozen couples there but Sheila my wife is very prim and proper so we have never done it but I’ve always wanted to have Sheila fucked by another man but she has always said didn’t want to be pushed into it wanted to do it naturally. She is a very atractive lady, 52 last November, with a petite figure, great legs and ankles. For the aprty she wore all black, bra and knickers, pleated mini skirt, tights, high heels, see through blouse which showed her lacy bra, she isn’t big but has a nice handful. The party started at lunchtime, I had to drop Sheila off first at the party then take our daughter into town, drop her off at Kings Cross, by the time I got back the party was in full swing, I saw Sheila in the conservatory talking to a young guy but insted of saying hallo I went to the kitchen to see if there was any food and drink left. I got talking to a few people and by the time I thought I should say hello to Sheila she and the guy were dancing to some seventies disco stuff. When I went back about 30 minutes later the music was slow romantic stuff and she and the guy were snogging, her arms around his shoulders, the guy French kissing her. I was gobsmacked, she is normally very prim and proper, wouldn’t say boo to a goose, so must have thought I’d given up coming to the party and started flirting with this young guy. I got a hard one thinking about her going all the way and when I checked back ten minutes later they were gone from the lounge. They couldn’t be in the garden too cold I thought, so I went upstairs, they weren’t in any of the bedrooms but there was a spiral staircase up to the loft and I went up that careful not to make too much noise and there they were, in the dark just the street light coming through the roof window. Sheila was on her back, her legs in the air and the guy was fucking her hard and fast, she was moaning her enjoyment. I got my cock out and wanked as fast as I could, shooting a few minutes later, the guy shooting his load inside Sheila soon after. I backed away down the spiral staircase, joining the party, I saw the guy a few minutes later, but no Sheila. Then I saw her, walking down the stairs, she looked really great, she’d done her hair and make-up but anyone who knew the signs could tell she’d been well and truly fucked. “Where have you been?” she asked. I didn’t say anything and as it was nine she wanted to go home to see the movie on tv. In the car I put my hand inside her skirt, her tights and knickers were soaking with the guy’s cum, his stuff running along my fingers. When we got in I gave her a really good ten minute fuck shooting my spunk over the other guy’s stuff. Only then did I mention the guy and what I’d seen. She laughed, happy I wasn’t jealous saying she’d given him her email address and if I gave my permission hoped to see him again soon.