Written by antyboy85

26 Feb 2006

I hadn't been a member for very long, and I never thought it would work out so quickly, but the other night I arranged to meet this girl. Her Bf described her as 'in need of more cock' and it turned him on to watch...They were both in their late 20s, professional and really respectable. I never really had a picture of a typical dogger in mind, but they just seemed way too sensible when I finally met them.

It was in a bar in soho where we agreed to meet. About five minutes after the agreed time, this couple walked in. At first I was nervous, thinking they'd take one look at this scruffy 20yo student and go straight back home...Instead, they walked up smiling, recognising me instantly, all dressed up in office clothes, her in a well-cut pencil skirt and heels.

At first, it was all formal. He shook my hand, and she pecked me on the cheek. We had a few drinks and it was all polite niceties, like uni and what I want to do after. Later, after a few cocktails (when we were pink and boozy) we began to talk about past experiences...She was keen to find out about how many girls I'd fucked, what were the circumstances and how I pulled them. I answered as best I could and tried to keep a straight face, but under the table my prick was bulging in my boxers, and oozing quite a bit. I kept up the calm act, but inside my heart was pumping like mad.

All the time, he's been quiet and listened to me and her. Eventually, I needed the toilet and he followed me. I went downstairs and got into a cubicle, leaving the door open, and began to unzip. He pushed the door open and kissed me hard on the neck...I was quite shocked but remained aroused from before. He then turned and went.

Back upstairs, they'd gathered their coats and were ready to go. 'Shall we move on?' she asked. I agreed and we went, mostly in silence. We caught the tube from oxford circus, and made our way (for some reason!) towards regents park. I knew what was in mind, but I followed without asking questions. I knew the park was locked, but as we walked further up I suggested we jump over at a gate. He climbed up and jumped over first, then she did (with some difficulty), and then me.

When we were over she grabbed me and snogged me quite hard, and we both melted to the ground, while he pulled my coat off. It was soooo freezing cold, but we were so excited that we barely noticed. Before long, she'd unzipped me and taken my cock out and began rubbing it. I looked over, feeling guilty at using his woman, but he smiled and seemed happy, and urged me to relax....

He lowered me down and she went down on me, slowly and gently. By then, I was quite slimey with precum, and it felt better than any oral I'd had before. I lay back and looked up at the stars which were bright and the sky clear on this cold night.

I noticed another pair of hands...he'd placed his warm hands on my waist, and began stroking my chest slowly and rhythmically. Meanwhile, I could hear her slurping and ravenously eating me...I could feel myself cumming, and told her so...so she hiked up her skirt, pulled down her knickers and sat on me. She rode me like I'd never been ridden before...her warm pussy felt so good on such a cold, freezing night. He unzipped and began to jerk off. I came in her, and he did shortly after, and I saw him spurt over the grass.

I lay there breathless....feeling euphoric and manly, and began fondling her breasts and teasing her hard nipples. After a minute, she up, smiled and began redressing herself. I lay there, watching, still taking it all in, when to my surprise he moved over and went down on me...and began slurping up all the juices and fluids we'd made. She watched and smiled and told me to relax, and said she hoped I'd be open minded about other men from now on....

I was stunned. But before long I'd climaxed again...I lay in a heap, drained and needing rest, but he forced me up, saying we'd be caught if we stayed in the park. So we went back to the gate and climbed over again, and walked back to the tube.

As when we'd met, she kissed me and he shook my hand. She told me I was the 'cutest young guy she'd ever fucked'. He said something about hoping to see me again, and they caught their train, and I did mine.

I'd never felt so sexually liberated and free in my life...Needless to say, going back to regents park brings a big smile to my face!