Written by Phil & Pam

26 Aug 2003

Friends may remember Pam’s escapades with the guys at work and their cameras posted in our story My Rude Wife. Not long after I posted that story her company centralised operations in the Midlands and as relocation wasn’t an option because of my job she left. It ended 3 months of rude fucking with up to five guys at a time not to mention the number of nude photos of her that were in circulation around our town, it seemed everybody had seen them. Once when Pam was leaving the local Asda a guy called her over to his car, he had half a dozen photos of her stark naked sat in a chair with her legs wide open. “It is you isn’t it” he said. She declined his offer to “show him the real thing” and came home. We talked about it and whilst we both agreed it had been an amazing experience that had changed both of us for the better the photos were becoming a pain when we were out so perhaps it was time to move.

We put the house on the market and it sold straight away so we moved to another town about 25 miles west of where we were but still near to my work. After settling in Pam decided to look for work and it wasn’t long before she got a job for a small wine distribution company. As I congratulated her I noticed a rude glint in her eye. “What?” I said. “most of the guys that work there appear to be black” she replied. “I wonder if its true”. “You’ll just have to find out I said” as she got out my rapidly hardening cock and we fucked on the kitchen table.

Pam soon struck up a good working relationship with the various salesmen, stock pickers, packers and drivers all but two of whom were black. The new Pam is a tease and with her looks and provocative dress it wasn’t long before the passes and comments were flying about. One guy in particular Erol, swore he was going to fuck her as soon as the chance arose and when one day she had to squeeze past him in an aisle he made a point of pushing his cock up against her and Pam swore he must have had a whole black pudding in his trousers.

Her chance came one Saturday morning, four of them had gone in to clear out an old account room and Pam had really gone to town to impress, See through blouse and bra that showed the dark shadow of her huge nipple rings seamed stockings high heels and tiny knickers. She left for work promising to get well and truly fucked After coffee and whistles they started work Pam told me later her cunt was sopping and aching for cock. Erol picked up on her mood and asked what was the matter, “nothing” Pam replied “I didn’t get it this morning because of work so I`m grumpy” “well, we will fix that now “ said Erol “guys come over here we need to sort Pam out he joked”

Erol came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist he started kissing her neck, a guaranteed turn on for Pam, she could feel his huge cock rubbing up against her arse. She let him continue as the other two stood in front watching. Erol raised his hand and cupped her breasts when she didn’t protest the others joined in. As one undid her blouse Erol, still behind her, lifted her skirt and rubbed his hand across her sopping knickers. They pulled her blouse off and Erol undid her skirt and let it fall followed by her bra. One of the guys in front knelt down and pulled her tiny knickers down her long stockinged legs and exposed her hairless cunt for all to see. They picked her up laid her on a desk and pulled her legs wide open and all three spent the next five minutes feeling her tits and cunt before one guy buried his head in her sopping fanny Erol turned her head and offered her the biggest cock she had ever seen. Pam said it was like an aerosol can with a massive bell end. She sucked it as best she could before begging him to fuck her with it. The guy between her legs moved and Erol lined up his monster cock (Pam has measured it several time since and it is 11ins long by over 7ins in girth) He eased his tool up her as one of the others stuffed his cock in her mouth and instantly shot his load. Erol fucked her stretched cunt to orgasm after orgasm, as the third guy wanked over her tits and rubbed his spunk all over them. The three of them fucked her in turn but it was Erol`s monster that hit the spot. After they had done with her she went to the toilet to clean up. When she came out they had hidden her clothes and insisted their little white slut spent the rest of the morning naked. All morning long they took turns to feel her and fuck her and when an old Asian gent called in with an order they put her on the counter dressed only in her stockings and pulled her legs open for him to feel her cunt and tits. Of the dozen men who work there nine including the boss now fuck Pam on a regular basis. Erol uses her as his plaything and she regularly has to work in the nude at Saturday morning fuck orgies where she takes cock after cock. The boss has also started Saturday wine tastings for his best customers. Wine served by a nude Pam and shags for anybody who wants her. Her cunt is always soaked in someone’s cum and that’s how we like it now that she is a slut once more.