Written by try-bi-guy

27 Aug 2004

For some time now I have known that I had a Bi side - I have just never given into the strong feelings I had - nor never actually had the opportunity. I had placed a profile on this site and spoken to a few guys about a meeting but I never wanted to meet at home (I am married) and talk never seemed to end in a get together.

One day, whilst chatting to a guy via Swinging Heaven, I expressed my desire to suck a cock through a glory hole. I don't want to meet friends - I just want sex. He suggested I try a male sauna and said that Heat in Manchester was a good place to start.

I went onto the web and looked at the Heat site. It all looked OK and after several weeks, I built up the courage to go. I had business in the area anyway so it was only a small diversion and no-one was expecting me to be anywhere soon. I had all the time I needed.

I have to admit that I felt sick to my stomach. Was I really going to do this? I found the discrete enterance to the Sauna, checked around to make sure no-one was watching and then went inside. The guy at the door was nice enough and took my 'fake' details down. I was then given a locker key, told to undress, use the towel to hide my rapidly growing erection and look around.

The first thing that struck me was how dark it was. I gradualy got used to the lack of light and worked my way around the sauna, avoiding eye contact with any other person there.

Once settled, I showered, watched some gay porn for a while and then found myself in a small cubicle. I knew at that time that I wouldn't simply be able to appraoch another guy - I was too nervous, so I thought I'd lock the door and have a wank. By now, I was totally horney...

I shut and locked the door, sat down on the bench and started to stroke my 7" hardon. I knew I would cum soon..

Without warning, a flacid cock appeared over my shoulder. I almost jumped out of my skin! I looked around and saw two glory hole in the wall. The first was clear but the 2nd had this nice thick cock pushed through it. Now what? I was unsure of what to do. What was expected of me? I reached over and stoked the cock. I heard a groan from behind the wall. The cock grew harder with each stroke. I knew it was now or never. I lay on my back,put my left hand on my cock, my right on this unknown prick and reached up, putting my whole mouth around the shaft. It was hot on my tounge and tasted salty. I had no idea who was at the other end of this thing, and didn't care. The lack of a face or name made the whole thing so much more erotic.

As I gained in confidence, and sucked harder, so the cock grew longer and thicker. It was now bigger than mine and I found it hard to keep my mouth around the shaft. I moved my mouth up and down, at the same time moving my hand up and down my own cock. I knew that I would cum sooner rather than later and thought 'wow...and orgasm with a cock in my my - how cool'. As I focussed on my own cock, I almost forgot about the big throbbing erection in my mouth. I could feel my own sperm rising and waited for it to arc onto my stomach. Just as I was about to shoot, without warning, the cock in my mouth erupted. Cum hit the back of my mouth just as I came. I have never been so surprised or so turned on in my life. Jet after jet of hot spunk hit my stomach, as jet after jet filled my mouth.

I open my mouth and let the cum spew onto my neck. I reached up and took a handfull of the hot spunk and rubbed it over my still throbbing cock. Oh my god - what a feeling...

I cleaned up and left without looking at anyone. I never did get to see the owner of that cock but maybe I will next time...