Written by james m 35

10 Jan 2004

Well i reallt wanted to know what would happen so i rang to book a follow up massage.my back felt almost 100% better.

The guy asked me how id been and i siad i still had a bit of a twinge.........he left me to undress but this time i took my boxers off and covered myself with a towel.

He worked on my bacl for ages then went onto my buttocks again.well that was it.....my cock sprung to attention and i lifted my ass off the bed.

The next thing i felt was an oiled finger running around my hole.i can't tell u how erotic it felt.i pushed against the finger and felt it enter my ass.......god it felt fantastic and i started to ride it. He massaged my g spot inside and i came like i never have before.

He turned me over to do the front of my thighs .my cock still standing to attention and i grabbbed his cock slid it out and asked him to fuck me.

He got a condom and ive never felt so much pain and pleasure at the same time as he slid his cock into me.

I just moaned fuck me ive wanted this for ages.

He worked my ass slowly b4 he came. slid out and finished off the massage.

I asked if i needed to come agin for a further visit and he said .well if it troubles u let me know.

On the way out i asked if he massaged women too and he said yes.

I rthink im going to suggest to my wife that a massage might help relax her too as he seems very discreet.

It wasn't till i was almost back home id lost a hard on.I was thinking of his cock in me all the time.

Well, i will let u know what happens if i book my wife in for a massage...might be interesting!!