Written by Jill & Nate

7 Nov 2004

It's a little tougher to write about the truly naughty parts of the night but here goes. She had her fuse lit by the massage that had ended up so erotic for her. She had us sitting next to each other, the masseuse and her husband. Both of us were glad to finally be naked and getting rubbed. Now she was kneeling before us and has each of us in her hands.

After awhile she stopped stroking us and started kissing up our legs. Kissing her way up his thigh towards his prick, I looked at him sitting next to me and wanted to reach over and put my hand on his other thigh. I could see his pre-come and wondered what it must taste like. I felt her breast touched one of my knees and watched her breast touch one of his knees, and watched as her mouth started to lick his knob.

Her body soon was within reach and I could hear his moans now joining hers. After a few minutes of this I could tell we were both about to come and I stopped her hand from stroking me any further. This made her pause and then she stood up and said that she wanted him to finish what he had started with his first massage. She walked to the table and with her knees at the edge laid on her back. She motioned with her had as though she wanted to hold head. I knew it was that she wanted his mouth on her. I stood up and he followed my lead. As we walked over to the massage table where she now laid naked face up on, one leg over one edge, spread wide, I put my hand on his back and pushed him forward. She reached for his head and soon having hold of it she bent him over to kiss he and then moved his head down to her breast.

I had moved to the other side of the table and was stroking his back and her chest when she moved herself further up the table and pushed his head down between her legs.

While he gave her an orgasm with his mouth she had me stand next to her and looked deeply in my eyes as she stroked me. My come ended up on her.

After this she rolled off the table and we went upstairs to bed where we fucked for the rest of the night. I look forward to the next time she want me to schedule a massage. I would like to find out if she would be willing to flash some in public and I really want to find out how sexual she might be the next time we go on vacation!

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