Written by G

9 Mar 2005

My wife and I had only been married a few months when this first happened. My wifes sister is a couple of years younger than she is, I had pretty much seen her grow up. Once she reached 18 wow!!

In the summer after we wed Jen came to stay with Carol and I. It was very distracting seeing her in a bikini, I think my wife noticed as she commented on how randy I had been.

One night we were really going for it in the bedroom, trying to be quiet.....when Jen burst in. "Oh Fuck"...mad scramble to find covers and hide any modesty. This then happened every time we had sex for about 2 weeks.

I must admit I found it a turn on. My wife then relly surprised me be admitting that she was also turned on by not only being caught in the act but also in being watched.

The plan was to leave the door open just enough for Jen to watch. Each night the door was left open a liitle bit more, finally we could just see the shadow of her hand moving. Seeing that my wife came really hard.

With in a week we had the door fully open, as Jen stood watching (she thought out of sight) my wife scared the hell out of her. "If you are gonna watch you best come in" To my surprise and delight she did. She stripped off and sat at the end of the bed. My wife then proceeded to lie me down and ride my cock, her sisters face inches away from where my cock entered her pussy.

Then it happened I could feel her hands on my balls. I was going to cum, my wife jumped off but before she could grab my cock her sister had her mouth on it and swallowed the lot drinking down my cum. We had great sex that night, I got to fuck two of the sexiest women I have ever seen and she still very often comes to stay with us